Robotics is an interdisciplinary field of study dedicated to the design, construction, operation, and use of robots. Trained expert engineers in this field use their skills to develop cutting-edge technology that help to solve industrial needs. Robotics engineers have a unique set of capabilities in leading companies that have disruptive products ranging from autonomous transportation to innovative medical devices.

Robotics Engineering requires a deep understanding of both mechanical engineering and computer science which provide the base knowledge for them to build highly complex robots. Robots are more capable than ever before and with their help humans can perform dangerous tasks like exploring space or handling hazardous materials. Robotics Engineers can do anything from designing industrial robot arms to developing algorithms for autonomous vehicles.

Today, Robotics Engineers are all the rage in technological innovation and the competition for these self-driven projects with an engineering approach is bigger than ever. Many companies are looking for expert engineers that can help build robots for a variety of applications ranging from medical assessment to business automation. With the advances in electronics and robotics, it has become easier than ever before to construct robots capable of completing complex jobs.

Here’s some projects that our expert Robotics Engineer made real:

  • Developing AI-based visual navigation systems
  • Designing automated robotic arms used in industrial production
  • Programming self-balancing robots using raspberry pi
  • Combining 3D printing and robotic technology
  • Assisting with space exploration using SLAM tools
  • Creating sophisticated robotic machines capable of distance measurements

Robotics Engineers must be passionate about building complex machines that can solve difficult problems. They must be creative problem solvers, analytical thinkers, comfortable with technology and algorithms, and mainly driven by a passion for making breakthroughs in robotics technology. If you're interested in hiring a Robotics Engineer, through you can find freelancers from all around the globe who specialize in Robotics Engineering. Post your robotics project on Freelancer now, and connect with expert engineers available to help accomplish your robotic project's objectives today!

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    I'm currently seeking an automation expert to enhance the spreading of liquid butter in my baking process. Specifically, the objective of this project is Our recipe involves using liquid butter mix, which needs to be spread evenly on a 52cm diameter hot plate to improve the accuracy of spreading liquid butter mix using a nozzle . At present, while a mode of application exists, there's room to increase the exactness of the application to ensure every baked good has uniform coverage. The ideal freelancer: - Has experience with automation in the food industry - Understands the specifics and nuances involved in liquid application or spraying processes - Can work towards precision and accuracy This project demands not just technical skills but also a keen eye for detail to meet...

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    I need a medium complexity genetic algorithm developed for personal use. This algorithm will be used primarily for optimization purposes. Key Points: - The genetic algorithm is to be designed for medium complexity tasks, akin to solving scheduling or routing problems. - This is a personal project, so the output should be user-friendly and intuitive. Ideal Experience: - Strong background in genetic algorithm development. - Prior experience in developing medium complexity algorithms, ideally with applications in scheduling or routing. - Ability to create user-friendly interfaces and provide necessary guidance for personal use.

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    I'm envisioning a SMART toilet device that's mountable, discreet, and capable of analyzing UTI indicators in adult users' urine. The project involves: - **Designing a SMART Toilet Device:** The device should be unobtrusive and easily mounted on a standard toilet, with sensors for analyzing and providing UTI indicator data. - **Mobile App Integration:** Users should receive updates and results through a dedicated mobile app. Ensure the app is user-friendly, and clearly communicates data and insights. - **User Experience:** The overall system should prioritize user experience, ensuring that the monitoring process is seamless and stress-free for adults. Ideal candidates for this project will have a background in: - **Hardware Development:** Experience in developing similar...

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual to build a pneumatic can emptying and crushing machine. This machine is to work with 355ml (12oz) and 473ml (16oz) aluminum cans, at a rate of 25-50 cans per minute. - Feeding System: I need a semi-automated system. The machine should have a manual loading mechanism for filled cans, which will then be automatically emptied, drained and crushed. Splashing and foaming must be contained within the machine. The crushed cans should drop into a bin. - I have a specific concept in mind using four pneumatic actuators, some sensors and an Arduino based controller however implementation is open to improvements so long as requirements are met. - The basic concept could potentially become a commercial product however I need one to destroy approximately 1...

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    I require a seasoned KUKA consultant with a focus on process optimization to assist in a consumer goods production setting. The ideal candidate for this role should have: - Proven experience in KUKA robotic programming - Strong understanding of consumer goods manufacturing processes - Track record in optimizing production workflows - Ability to integrate KUKA systems seamlessly Your role will be to: - Analyze our current production process - Identify areas for improvement - Develop and implement optimized processes - Train our team to maintain these improvements Your expertise will be pivotal in helping us boost efficiency and quality in our production line.

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