Modify existing Code and add options to OpenWRT x86

On the X86 version of my source code on OpenWRT. I want to customize the software.

This project is a little bit of front end, and much back-end.

You will need to document your work and your code. ****and I need weekly updates****

There are multiple phases of the project. So I made it in smaller milestones.

Each milestones need to show that you've tested your work. ****For each modification you can release a new package.

This uses LUA for OpenWRT and some other languages.

Project #1 130 euro

Understand the code

Run it in an x86 VMs

Check that Routes to gateways are working when they don't have internet

Check that Zerotier is working (and gets reconnected each time you change wan)

Check that Automatic failover is working when internet becomes unavailable

Find the best way to push upgrades OTA

Remove bugs if found any.

Make suggestion to change the code (if we change the code to C, or anything else, you get paid more)

Change Firewall config (allow management from WAN)

Refresh button: Restart Luci or something to refresh the WANs (so there are no duplicates)

Fix what's missing with Zerotier --- try commands zerotier-cli join command

Restart Network services each time you change wan --- or restart zerotier-cli restart

Project #2 Licensing server 100 euro

Integrate with a licensing server

This is to prevent unauthorized copy of the software that has been modified. I am NOT locking open-wrt but only the customizations.

Project #3 Control Mikrotik Wifi Bridge with the interface 150 euro

See Video and previous project.

The goal is to control the mikrotik wireless bridge to connect to another network.

It's done via API.

Project #4 Move the scripts to OpenMTCP Router 230 euro

I really want to use OpenMTCP router over multiple cellular connections.

So Port what has been done on OpenWRT x86 version to openMTCP x86 (which is openWRT modified as well)

We will adapt it to for the APU2 of PCEngines

Project #5 Remote control via vpn or TLS or webRTC with relay on AWS free-tier 200 euro

I want a control interface on this so we can remote access the router and execute commands and maybe access the network

OpenNMS? OpenWISP? No idea yet

Project #6 Integrate with Teltonika Routers via API 150 euro

Get the stats, change APNs

****I do not wish to exceed my budget****

Please come up with a plan, constructive questions, and other things. I DO NOT WANT GENERIC PROPOSALS.

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