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$3000-5000 USD

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Project Title: CRM for our company Description: I am looking for a freelancer to develop a CRM system for our company. The ideal candidate should have experience in CRM development and be proficient in the following skills: Specific Features: - Contact management: The CRM system should allow us to store and manage our contacts efficiently. - Lead tracking: We need a system that can track and manage our leads effectively. - Sales forecasting: It is important that the CRM system has the ability to generate sales forecasts. Preferred CRM Solution: - Cloud-based: We prefer a cloud-based CRM solution for easy accessibility and scalability. CRM Integration: - Integration with other systems: We require the CRM system to be integrated with other systems such as email marketing and accounting software. If you have the skills and experience in CRM development and can meet these requirements, please submit your proposal. Work Flow bellow: 1. Customer Interaction: Phone Call: Customer calls for service. Chatbot, voice AI, or live person captures information. Decision made to assign an appointment. Online Form: Customers fill out the order form on the website. Appointment details sent to Google Calendar. Chatbot: Website and voice chatbots schedule appointments. Appointment details stored in Google Calendar. Recommendation: Implement AI-driven decision-making for appointment scheduling based on historical data and employee availability. 2. Google Calendar Integration: All appointments centralized in Google Calendar. 3. Invoicing and Proposal Generation: 3.1 Generate invoices and proposals based on Google Calendar. 3.2 Field technicians fill out invoices. 3.3 Proposals generated from emails and chatbots. 3.4 Fields in invoices are drop-down menus, allowing new entries. Recommendation: Implement dynamic drop-downs for common items in invoices for efficiency. Use AI to suggest common invoice items based on historical data. 4. Customer Follow-Up: 4.1 CRM follows up with customers for feedback. 4.2 Confirm appointments and send reminders. Recommendation: Automate feedback collection with surveys or follow-up emails. Use AI to personalize reminders based on customer preferences. 5. Marketing Integration: 5.1 Integration with Facebook, CallRail, YouTube, and Google AdWords. 5.2 Track advertisement performance using phone numbers and coupon codes. Recommendation: Implement AI analytics to track and optimize marketing campaigns. 6. Route Optimization: 6.1 Generate automated routes based on GPS coordinates. 6.2 Assign jobs based on criteria (zip code, employee availability, performance). Recommendation: Utilize machine learning for continuous improvement in route optimization. 7. Mobile Applications: 7.1 Technicians use the mobile app for offline work. 7.2 App syncs with the CRM database when internet is available. Recommendation: Ensure a user-friendly mobile interface with offline capabilities. 8. Financial Management: 8.1 Upload PDF financial statements. 8.2 Generate payroll based on set criteria. 8.3 Integration with Square for payments. 8.4 Integration with financing systems. Recommendation: Implement AI-driven financial analysis for better insights. 9. External System Integration: 9.1 Integration with QuickBooks Online for financial data. 9.2 Integration with WhatsApp API for customer communication. Recommendation: Explore AI-driven insights for financial integrations. 10. Employee Communication: 10.1 AI-driven chatbots for employee queries. 10.2 Transfer calls with music on hold. Recommendation: Implement natural language processing for advanced AI chatbot interactions. 11. Websites Integration: 11.1 Redesign 5 websites and connect them to the CRM. 11.2 Employees can upload pictures and documents related to jobs. Recommendation: Ensure seamless integration between CRM and websites for data flow. 12. Data Management: 12.1 Database recommendations for optimal performance. 12.2 Cloud storage for data and document management. 12.3 Inventory database management. Recommendation: Regularly review and optimize the database structure for scalability. 13. Security and Compliance: 13.1 Ensure compliance with local laws. 13.2 Secure customer information. 13.3 Track mobile devices for employee movement. Recommendation: Regularly update security protocols and conduct audits for compliance. 14. Marketing and Analytics: 14.1 Track marketing campaigns and revenue streams. 14.2 E-commerce integration on websites. 14.3 Integration with Google and Facebook APIs. Recommendation: Implement AI analytics for predictive marketing insights. 15. AI-Driven Processes: 15.1 AI-driven route optimization for field technicians. 15.2 AI for proposal and email generation. Recommendation: Explore advanced machine learning models for AI-driven processes. 16. Alerts and Notifications: 16.1 Setup alerts for recurring expenses and sales decrease. 16.2 Mileage tracking for employees. Recommendation: Implement AI-driven alerts for proactive decision-making. 17. Historical Data Import: 17.1 Ability to import past data from Excel sheets. Recommendation: Develop an import tool with AI-assisted data mapping for efficiency. 18. User-Friendly Interface: 18.1 User-friendly web and mobile interfaces. 18.2 Customizable templates for various documents. Recommendation: Conduct usability testing regularly and gather user feedback for improvements. 19. Customer Signature and Communication: 19.1 Customers sign invoices via tablets or email. 19.2 Text messages with location links for on-the-way notifications. Recommendation: Implement blockchain or similar technology for secure signatures. 20. Automation and Customization: 20.1 Automated generation of reports and invoices. 20.2 Full customization controls for admin users. Recommendation: Explore AI-driven automation for routine tasks. 21. Evidence and Reminders: 21.1 Evidence of equipment maintenance with reminders. 21.2 Reminders for recurring payments and accounts payable. Recommendation: Utilize IoT for real-time equipment monitoring. 22. AI for Cold Calling: 22.1 Integration of AI for cold calling campaigns. 22.2 Keep track of calls and success rates. Recommendation: Use AI for personalized cold calling scripts. 23. Library of Marketing Materials: 23.1 Store and manage marketing materials. Recommendation: Implement a content recommendation system for marketing materials. This detailed workflow provides a foundation for the development and continuous improvement of the CRM system. Regularly assess user feedback, technological advancements, and business needs to refine and enhance the workflow.
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