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(I cant wake up earlier than I normally do or sleep later to keep up with you AND I WILL NEED TO SPEAK TO YOU VIA TELEPHONE ONCE SELECTED)


Im in need of a SWF clip that will be written to mini-CD as EXE file (so file weight is NOT a big problem) -- Im planning on designing the " look " myself once I fix on a provider, but Im open to letting you do it too -- what IS IMMUTABLE is this - I want to finalise on a team before noon on October 5, 2005, I want work to begin immediately and be completed and delivered before 5 pm, October 7, 2005.


1. Only EU based Designers, NO EXCEPTION. you will also be able to communicate in American or British English AND OR German PERFECTLY.

And be FLASh GURU, no "I think" , "I think I can " etc ... NO BEGINNERS OR STUDENTS -

2. I dont need a million refernces, I need 3 pieces of FLASH portfolio work, Im a designer with over a decade of top-flight experience myself, I can tell if u have it or not in 60 seconds. Im out sourcing this to save me time.

3. You will need to be an Action Script Guru.

4. The agreed price will be placed in escrow BEFORE you start and released AFTER delivery and testing of SOURCE FLA via ZIP download. (I PREFER TO JUST ESCROW AND MOVE FUNDS TO YOU ON COMPLETION). Lets be clear here I will receive the FLAs and Photoshop source, I will integrate it with my XMl feed, test it and pay you AFTER, so u will most likely be paid 48 to 72 hours AFTER you deliver - Im easy going and precise so if u are what Im after this will be smooth, fun ride. Pls do not bother lecturing me, Im not only NOT interested in your opinion on my requirement and payment rules, Im also too busy to be bothered. Bring your best game, deliver, collect and say goodbye. Nothing More.

5. I will proof work remotely of your web server, you can watermark it until delivery.

6. I need delivery before October 7 2005 5 pm Vienna time, if you fail I will cancel this project and NOT pay you as Im under an extremely harrowingly, tight deadline, ie I need to write 50 CDs and deliver them to a convention by October 9 2005 (if I fail to meet the deadline alot of people will be adversely affected), your understanding is appreciated and thanked for in advance.


a) A simple interface that can be used atleast for the next year (till December 2006). I have no prejudices about style or music, though I will NOT use rave or a goa sound cos my TA is very very square.

b) The interface will consist of Following elements -

1. About Us - 50 to 100 words in English and German, must be update-able via XMl from a my SQL DB (ie. everytime the mini CD is inserted it will search for a live internet conection go to a pre-defined URL and update this section, same for all following sections that need to be dynamic. The connection sniffer, DB, the XMl, the PHP, and the content are NOT part of your tasks, your task is ONLY FLASH and AS1 or 2 skills) NICE VISAUL EFFECT IS NEEDED, needs to be strong, direct and evocative, even a simple fade in / out with a strong type and beautiful trimming / artefacts will work if done right ...

2. Skills - 50 to 100 words in English and German, must be update-able via XMl from a my SQL DB -- content will be provided

3. Location - A city map and an auto pic gallery, content will be provided

4. Meet the Team - auto pic gallery, content will be provided

These four above MUST be done ONLY in TURQUOISE, WHITE (for Bg), Sea Green, BLACk fot type and 40 % BLACk for borders - ie. Im looking for a white screen trimmed with these colors, artefacts, sketches, icons will need to be as origianl as you can manage and id like to own them once your done - Im NOT looking for just stripes all over, Im looking for BEAUTY ...

5. SERVICES - 50 to 100 words in English and German, must be update-able via XMl from a my SQL DB

6. PRODUCT DEMONSTRATION - this will be list of URLs where reviewer can either download time-stamped desktop software for trial AND / OR test drive a web service or software (I need this section to be very very attractive)

7. Contact Us -

a) One link will lead to a Video Conferencing tool / URL and or allow them to clik it and cause a mail to be sent to a pre-defined mail ID with Name, Company Name, Designation, Tel Number, Mail ID, Requirement / Inquiry and Notes

b) One will hold 2 e mail IDs

c) Third part will be telephone numbers

These 7 sections need to be TABBED, SUPERLATIVELY DESIGNED, LAID OUT AND VERY VERY ATTRACTIVE - This SWF will be presented to a gathering of the EUs top flight IT professionals.

I can help you source music, I dont promise you a million projects or even first cut after this one, IF you do a good job on this I MAY be inclined to contact you again (I have my own little FLASH / Grafik team that is as of this moment full up )

Key attributes of grafik work -

1. if you have a truly original style this is obviously FIRST CHOICE and you will then be contracted to spin off collateral based on this style (of course I will buy up copyright to it)

2. if you havent an original style, your work will need to be quirky, funny, sexy, attractive, VERY VERY YOUNG (peter pann-ish is OK) ...

3. YOU ARE FREE TO DESIGN AS YOU WISH -- I dont ask for free mock ups , but I do INSIST on seeing your portfolio --

4. To sum up I can describe what im looking for in 5 words - ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL, ORIGINAL, underground, attractive.

5. FLASh integration to XML is NOT part of this job - ONLY FLASH and or GRAFIK IS.


Aptitudini: Adobe Flash, Design grafic

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