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Anulat Postat la Jun 27, 2013 S-au achitat serviciile după ce au fost prestate
Anulat S-au achitat serviciile după ce au fost prestate

PLEASE SEE ATTACHED - You need to be able to create this quality

We are looking for originality and quality. We don't want to be a carbon copy of everyone else. We prefer to live on the fringes of life. We're quirky and strange, sweet and playful. So come play with us :)

*** I want "custom work" only - If you cannot draw using nothing more than the ideas in my head, it may be a waste of time to bid on this one ***

Project details (High Quality / High Resolution Designs for Billboards and Large screens, etc.)


... High detail and elaborate (see attachments) - We are not interested in the standard, basic logo.

.... Company name, web address and a catchy hook or phrase based on "S.s.s.h." (Fuzzy Peaches, Sssh).

Currently we are using "Sin-Satiable Seductions 4 Her", however, we are open to suggestions.

Can have variations for men and women ("Sin-Satiable Seductions 4 Her ...and Him)

... Static and animated logo for website and YouTube videos


.... inflatable mattress

.... bottles of various sizes (plastic/glass)

.... various other products shapes and sizes


.... a background that changes with the time of day it is.

.... summer weather conditions

.... an animated logo

- animated graphics to use as part of category links, product description and legend, site buttons, links, star rating (except instead of stars, Fuzzy Peaches rating), etc. Examples of graphics are included in print screens, except these are static and not animated. We want these re-invented/re-designed and make them animated.

- banners


.... includes address, cell number, business line, fax, Skype (Front will be dedicated to LOGO, reverse side will be contact and other details related to (Retail / wholesale distribution)


... in addition to company logo, name, web address and Sssh phrasing, could have some kind of personalization "Wanna taste my fuzzy peach?" "A peach a day keeps a frown at bay", "Peaches: A yummy, juicy treat", or whatever... something suggestive, seductive and sweet... and likely to be worn by all... Men, women and teens



- 53" X 45" BUSINESS SIGN:

.... pastel colors to be used with black light for glow-in-the-dark effect

- suggestions welcomed

- TV ads & Tube videos

.... we want something catchy to splice into the beginning and end of all videos and advertisements as an introduction and wrap-up, plus have a watermark (I think it's called) to see on the corner throughout.

High quality video resolution is a must (1080p = 1920x1080).

All work should include editable formats for future changes.

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