Seeking an Interior Designer for 2D Plans and 3D Renders for Bathroom, Dressing Room, and Fireplace/Sitting Area.

Job Description:

Hello! I'm looking for an experienced interior designer to help bring the vision of a bathroom, dressing room and fireplace/sitting area to life. Although I do have existing plans already in place, I do have ideas and am looking for help in creating a design that brings these to life. Additionally, I will require assistance in creating detailed floor plans to help ensure the project is executed cost-effectively and meets my needs.

Detailed Description:

We are seeking an interior designer to help us create 2D plans and 3D renders for an 8.60m2 bathroom, a dressing room, and a fireplace/sitting area. We have the current plans in PDF format and inspirational photos that we would like to reproduce. We will require a first proposal for each project to present to our clients. After review, it is possible that revisions may be necessary.

The bathroom will include a shower, bathtub, double sink vanity, and toilet. We would like the bathroom to have a modern design with quality materials, a neutral color palette, and (small) touches of wood.

The dressing room will be created in a new room in the house. We need a 2D and 3D plan to show how the dressing room will fit into the available space and how we can optimize storage. We would also like the design to be modern and functional.

The fireplace/sitting area is a project to design an open and comfortable living space. We would like the designer to create a 2D and 3D plan to show how the space can be organized for maximum use. We want the ambiance to be warm and inviting with a central fireplace, comfortable seating, and a practical layout of furniture.

Budget: Please note that we will not be responding to messages asking "what is your price" or similar inquiries regarding the budget. We are looking for a freelancer who is capable of providing a detailed proposal and pricing for the entire project, including any potential revisions. We believe that an experienced designer will be able to give us a more accurate estimate based on the scope of the work and the level of detail required. We are willing to negotiate on the budget, but we will not entertain proposals that simply ask us to provide a figure. Thank you for your understanding.


The first deadline for the initial proposals is March 31st. After that, clients will have the weekend to review the plans, and we will need to provide the final work with any modifications made by April 4th. Please keep this timeline in mind when applying for this project.

We would like to have regular check-ins and updates on the progress of the work between now and March 31st. This will help us to provide guidance and ensure that the final result meets our expectations. Communication is important to us, and we appreciate a freelancer who is responsive and willing to work collaboratively.

Aptitudini: Design interior, Randare 3D, Modelare 3D , Arhitectură, AutoCAD

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