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Fault Tolerance Implementation for Indoor Navigation using ESP32

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₹600-1500 INR

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Overview: We are developing an indoor navigation system utilizing 8 ESP32 devices that communicate through RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) values. The goal is to achieve fault tolerance in the system by implementing a mechanism to identify and handle defects in the ESP32 devices, ensuring continuous and reliable indoor navigation. Key Requirements: ESP32-Based Indoor Navigation: The system relies on 8 ESP32 devices strategically placed for indoor navigation. Each ESP32 measures RSSI values to determine the proximity of other devices and aid in navigation. Cloud Communication: Implement communication between the ESP32 devices and a cloud platform. The cloud platform will receive data from the ESP32 devices and provide information about any detected defects. Defect Identification: Develop a mechanism to identify defective ESP32 devices based on RSSI data anomalies, signal loss, or other relevant criteria. Detected defects should be reported to the cloud platform. Dynamic Path Recalculation: Upon detecting a defective ESP32 device, the cloud platform should initiate a recalculation of the shortest path for indoor navigation. This involves excluding the defected ESP32 from the pathfinding algorithm. User-Friendly Feedback: Implement a feedback system to notify users or administrators of detected defects and the recalculated shortest path. This could include notifications through a user interface or other communication channels. Skills Required: Proficiency in programming ESP32 devices. Experience with Bluetooth and RSSI-based indoor positioning systems. Knowledge of cloud communication protocols (MQTT, HTTP, etc.). Familiarity with fault tolerance concepts and algorithms. Expertise in pathfinding algorithms for dynamic environments. Deliverables: Codebase for ESP32 devices for RSSI-based communication and defect identification. Cloud platform integration for data reception and defect reporting. Path recalculation algorithm considering defects. User interface or notification system for real-time feedback. Timeline: The project is expected to be completed within 3 days with regular updates and milestones. Budget: The budget for this project is 1300 and can be negotiated based on experience and expertise. How to Apply: Interested freelancers are invited to submit their proposals, including relevant experience, skills, and an outline of their approach to implementing fault tolerance in the described indoor navigation system.
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As one of the top-rated freelancers on this platform, my team and I have worked extensively on projects involving fault tolerance, cloud communication, and design implementation with various IoT devices. We specialize in ESP32 programming and have actual experience developing Bluetooth and RSSI-powered indoor navigation systems. Thus, we understand the specific challenges you face with respect to detecting defects in proximity devices and recalculating the shortest path during navigation. Our approach is always centered around delivering excellent quality within the stipulated timeline. We guarantee regular updates and milestones to keep you informed about our progress throughout the project. Furthermore, we offer extended support post-delivery should you require any assistance or additional services. With our technical expertise, competitive rates, 100% client satisfaction track record, and strong commitment to on-time delivery I believe we have exactly what it takes to make your project a resounding success!
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