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Coding Assessment Platform Development similar to (HackerRank/Coderbyte/ woven Test)

₹150000-250000 INR

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₹150000-250000 INR

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I'm in need of an experienced developer or agency to create a custom assessment platform, similar to [login to view URL] Coderbyte/ Hackerrank tailored to my specific needs not limited, but similar to . Here's what I'm looking for: 1. AI-Generated Code Assistance** - **Smart Code Suggestions**: Implement AI algorithms that provide real-time code suggestions and auto-completions similar to tools like GitHub Copilot. - **Code Snippets**: AI can suggest commonly used code snippets based on the problem statement and context. - **Problem Solving Hints**: AI can offer hints or guide candidates through difficult problems without giving away the solution. - **Adaptive Learning**: Use AI to adjust the difficulty of questions based on the candidate's performance in real-time. ### **2. AI-Based Cheat Detection** - **Plagiarism Detection**: Use AI to compare submitted code against a vast database of existing code to identify copied or modified solutions. - **Behavioral Analysis**: Monitor typing patterns, speed, and other behaviors to detect unusual activity that may indicate cheating. - **Proctoring and Monitoring**: AI-driven proctoring tools that analyze webcam feeds, microphone audio, and screen activity to detect suspicious behavior during tests. - **Code Similarity Detection**: Advanced algorithms to detect subtle similarities in code that may not be obvious through simple comparison. 3. Contest ### **Core Features Integration** 1. **Coding Challenges and Assessments** - Problem Library with AI-generated problems. - Custom Problem Creation with AI suggestions. —-- AI generate Coding Test —--- Project based - Automated Grading using AI to evaluate not just correctness but also code efficiency and style. 2. **Real-Time Coding Environment** - Integrated Development Environment (IDE) enhanced with AI suggestions. - Live Collaboration with AI assistance features. - Code Execution with AI-driven optimization suggestions. 3. **Candidate Management** - User Profiles enriched with AI-driven insights based on past performance. - Interview Scheduling integrated with AI to suggest optimal times. - Feedback and Notes augmented by AI analysis. 4. **Test Customization and Delivery** - Custom Test Creation with AI recommendations. - Adaptive Testing dynamically adjusting questions using AI. - Timed Tests managed by AI to ensure fair play. 5. **Reporting and Analytics** - Performance Analytics enhanced by AI to provide deeper insights. - Comparison Tools powered by AI to highlight key differences. - Exportable Reports with AI-generated summaries. 6. **Security and Integrity** - AI-driven Proctoring for real-time monitoring. - Plagiarism Detection with AI. - Environment Lockdown managed by AI. 7. **Integration and API** - ATS Integration with AI-powered matching. - API Access with AI-driven functionalities. 8. **Support and Documentation** - Help Center with AI-powered search and suggestions. - Customer Support augmented with AI chatbots. - Tutorials and Training with AI recommendations. 9. **Additional Features** - Gamification with AI-generated challenges. - Mobile Support with AI enhancements. - Customization with AI-driven options. 10. **Pricing and Subscription Models** - Flexible Pricing with AI-optimized plans. - Free Trials and AI-powered demos. ### Example Implementation: 1. **User Registration and Login**: - Secure user authentication with AI-enhanced security checks. 2. **Dashboard**: - A centralized dashboard with AI-driven insights and suggestions. 3. **Test Interface**: - A user-friendly interface with AI-generated hints and real-time feedback. 4. **Feedback System**: - An intuitive interface for interviewers with AI-suggested feedback and scoring. ### AI Technologies to Implement: - **Machine Learning Models**: For generating code suggestions, detecting plagiarism, and monitoring behavior. - **Natural Language Processing (NLP)**: To analyze and generate problem statements, hints, and feedback. - **Computer Vision**: For real-time proctoring and monitoring. - **Data Analytics**: For providing insights and optimizing test performance.
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Hi I have read your requirement and I am sure I will be able to help you. Please message me so that we can have a detailed discussion. I have 8+ years of combined experience in Web designing & development, and other software development and have expertise in PHP and its framework CodeIgniter, JS frameworks React.js & and Node.js, AWS and also Java and its framework spring boot. Please come to chat for further discussion. Regards, Anju Logical Soft Tech Pvt. Ltd, Indore(M.P)
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As a seasoned full stack developer with over 5 years in the field, I bring a wealth of experience and skill to the table that makes me ideal for your custom assessment platform project. My proficiency in JavaScript and its frameworks, including Node.js, React.js is evident from my track record in creating user-friendly web applications. For instance, I created a coding challenge evaluation system for a major education company that increase their candidate selection accuracy by 30%. What sets me apart from other developers is my inclination towards cutting-edge technologies like AI and ML that holds great importance in this project for creating automated coding challenges, answering your preference for AI-generated challenges. Moreover, my knowledge and expertise in cheat detection systems integrated with AI will ensure the platform's robustness against any unfair practices. Lastly, my extensive experience in developing user roles and management systems allows me to precisely understand the unique requirements and permissions of each role(user) like Candidates, Recruiters, Admins, and Companies - an aspect crucial to your project. Overall, if you're looking for a reliable professional who can translate your specification into a platform that’s not only high-quality but also maintainable in long term,I am just one message away! Looking forward to your response!
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Having honed my skills in Full Stack Development for years, particularly with powerful languages like JavaScript, C#, and Python, I believe I am the ideal choice to develop your custom coding assessment platform. My experience includes building robust platforms similar to HackerRank and Coderbyte, equipped with features such as automated code evaluation, API integration, and user role implementation and management - all of which align perfectly with your requirements. Last but not least, my tech-stack expertise doesn't stop at coding proficiency; I'm also well-versed in managing development processes using tools like JIRA, Trello, and version control systems like GitHub and BitBucket. As your project progresses, you can count on me to keep everything organized and efficient while maintaining open lines of communication. If you entrust me with this task, I will strive to exceed your expectations by delivering a high-quality product tailored precisely to your needs. I look forward to discussing further how we can make your custom assessment platform a reality. Thank you for considering me for this project!
₹200.000 INR în 7 zile
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Hyderabad, India
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Membru din mar. 10, 2023

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