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I need a custom algorithm written for me that will allow for me to

be able to go below BIN price by x percent in all cases, but I also under no circumstances want to go below $5.00 on any fixed price listing. Since I am trying to do free shipping, I want the flexibility to do this on all of my 2500+ listings. For example, a gasket I am selling for $50.00, I want to have the flexibility of going 50% lower to $25 but at the same time I have gaskets that is currently selling at $8 which at the same parameter would go to $4, which is below my $5 threshold.

I need this algorithm because I have some gaskets which could go below what it costs to ship them (2.60) if I have them as free shipping, which would make me eat the cost. Does this make sense?

Please help. Setting up parameters for each individual listing is not possible.

here is the results from the pricespectre admin

July 3, 2016, 18:23

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So basically you want your floor price to be MAX(5, 0.50 * <BIN Price>). That sounds like something for a spreadsheet import and would be very easy to do with that kind of formula. Otherwise you could write a custom algorithm that ensures the price never goes below 50% of the "binPrice" and then set the floor price for all listings to a "Fixed" Floor Price of 5.00 via Defaults. Either would work but the second relies on you not having any bugs in a script you write yourself to prevent you from underselling while the other you can check your spreadsheet for any mistakes before uploading it.

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