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293746 Secure Email - Blackberry

Project: Secure Email Toolbar for Outlook Express and Outlook - Blackberry Capability

This software will be marketed under the brand name "Windtalk Mail".

This project is intended to work with the Secure Email for Outlook/Outlook Express project. All code and features and functions created for this project must work flawlessly with the Secure Email system for Outlook/Outlook Express. See that project description for more details.

This project is to create the capability for secure email communication with the Blackberry device, and must integrate into and work flawlessly with the add-on toolbar for Outlook and Outlook Express that provides a secure email capability. Emails and attachments will be encrypted using AES. The emails will be stored in encrypted form on the sending and receiving PCs, and sent in encrypted form.

This project will be created and designed so that it can communicate with and work with handheld devices, such as the Blackberry, sending and receiving encrypted emails. This Blackberry capability is the first of a series of developments to enable the Secure Email System for Outlook Express and Outlook to communicate with handheld devices. The design of this software should consider that other handheld devices will be added in later development phases.

The Blackberry capability will be created with a free download version that has limited functionality. The user will be able to upgrade to a premium, full featured service by paying an annual subscription fee using Paypal. This project will integrate into the web site and payment processes developed for the Secure Email System project. The premium services of the software should stop working if the annual subscription fee is not paid by the User.

The Secure Email should establish a shared key between users so that the email and attachments can be encrypted and decrypted. The application called AsierDC is an example of a secure email system. This project is intended to create capabilities similar to AsierDC, permitting the Secure Email System to communicate with Blackberry devices. The design and development shall be created to permit future development to allow other handheld devices, such as the iPhone and Sprint device to also use the Secure Email Service. The software developed by this project and for the Secure Email System for Outlook will be marketed under the brand name "Windtalk Mail". The URL for the web site is: [url removed, login to view]

Must work with the Secure Email System for Outlook Express and Outlook in the Microsoft Windows O/S: XP and Vista.

Anticipating that there will be many thousands of users, the hosting web site must have site Administrator control access for managing user accounts, and for controlling the number of accounts that can be set-up. The hosting web site will be created under the Secure Email project. The features and functions of this project software must integrate with that web site and support all required Administrator and User Account management.

The "Background Emails" that follow below describe the desired feature and functions in more detail, and are incorporated into this Statement of Work and Specification.


1) Create the software and the integrate into the web site site for Secure Email System to deliver the features and functions specified above. The site must work as described and process customer payments as described in the Statement of Work/Specification.

2) All source code is the property of the company, HPi. Source code must be delivered for review prior to final acceptance.

3) After testing of the English language version, programmers will create a site in Spanish. Programmers will receive 30% of the monthly revenue from the Spanish language site in return for bug fixing and Spanish language customer support service. The company, HPi, will pay for the Spanish language site domain name and monthly hosting service.

4) Payments will be made to Programmer as work is completed.

5) The source code must be delivered for review and testing, making any fixes. The code must be commented in English for review.



----- Original Message -----

From: "Craig Palmore (HPi)"

To: "I.S.C. Sergio A. Nieto" ;"Manuel Alejandro Cuevas Macias"

Sent: Thursday, February 12, 2009 2:47 PM

Subject: Re: Asier


I guess ideally I'd like to create the toolbar for OutlookExpress that could deliver these secure email capabilities. If we can get that built and working then we probably do not need to use the standalone application, AsierDC.

Given the project description, can you guys create a toolbar or add-on that delivers the secure email capabilities we've described? If you can do that, I'd prefer we build the system and not worry abut trying to get AsierDC to work.

We can do a Skype call tonight. Would 7pm my time work for you? I understand you are 2 hours earlier than me. I'm in the same time zone as New York City. Let me know if you want to do the Skype call tonight.



----- Original Message -----

From: Craig Palmore

To: Manuel Cuevas ; I.S.C. Sergio A. Nieto ; Sergio (Hotmail) Nieto

Sent: Saturday, February 07, 2009 4:59 PM

Subject: Secure Email project - Asier DC (from Craig Palmore) - Update: Feb 7, 2009

Hi Sergio,

You asked me during our Skype conference call on Feb 3rd about the priority for creating the secure email system. We would like to first get a toolbar insert that would work with Outlook and Outlook Express. For reference, there is a spam filter that comes as a toolbar, called Spambully. We would like to create something like it in a toolbar, but we want our toolbar add-in to provide secure email exchange and storage. The goal is to give people the ability to add our secure email toolbar to Outlook Express or Outlook and then be able to send emails and attachments in encrypted form, and have those emails and attachments stored on the sending and receiving PC in encrypted form. That is basically what the AsierDC program does, but it is a standalone program, not a toolbar add-in. We'd like to start with Outlook Express if you can do this project. The AsierDC program uses that pouch password method to establish the key exchange between the parties using the system.

We'd like to create something that is free to download and use, but it has limited capability. We want people to upgrade to a premium service that has a small monthly fee attached. Maybe the free version can send and receive 10 emails a month, while the premium service is unlimited. And maybe the free toolbar can store 20MB of encrypted email and attachments on the PC, while the premium service would have unlimited use of the PC hard-drive for storage. Can you help us think of more...

We'd like the software to work with Blackberry too if possible. If users could send and receive to Blackberry devices that would be great. That's a good place to start, if it is do-able.

Does this give you enough info to provide a proposal for the cost and time to do the Outlook Express version? We'd want it to run smoothly with the XP and Vista o/s.



----- Original Message -----

From: Craig Palmore (HPi)

To: Sergio A. Nieto

Cc: Manuel Alejandro Cuevas Macias

Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 9:18 AM

Subject: Secure Email project - Asier DC (from Craig Palmore) - Update: 22 Jan 2009

Hi Sergio,

Have you been able to install and use the Secure eMail program (Asier DC)?

The idea behind the Secure eMail program is that many people would like to have an email program that stores the emails encrypted, sends then encrypted and is stored on the receiver side encrypted too. That is what Asier DC was designed to do. The developers of Asier Dc were not able to create an add-on application that would run with Outlook and Outlook Express. There is a spam filter called Spambully that is an add-on toolbar that runs within Outlook and Outlook Express. We would ideally like to have a secure email application that can be an add-on. If that is not possible, we would like to upgrade and enhance the Asier DC secure email application. One important enhancement would be to enable it to work with handheld devices that can receive emails, such as cell phones, blackberry and those sorts of handheld devices.

When you look at Asier DC we'd like to know if a secure email program can be created that is an add-on to Outlook and Outlook Express, similar to the way Spambully is installed on Outlook or Outlook Express an add-on for spam filtering.

We wonder if we could include use of Engedi's Multi-Party Authorization technology in this. Maybe create an ability to share certain emails or data on a request and permission basis. That is, the owner of the email might be able to authorize a second party access to an email or email folder on request of that second party. This is similar in concept to a kid using Browser Buddy sending a request to the BB Account Administrator asking that a URL be allowed to open on a one-time basis or be added to the acceptance list for that account. That's a use of "Multi-Party Authorization".

We believe there is a market for a secure email application like Asier DC. Many people have emails on their laptops that contain sensitive business and personal information. We think having that stored encrypted and sent encrypted would be valuable to many people. That would protect sensitive data and communications.

That is the main goal of this secure email project. What do you think? Do you have suggestions for how we should achieve this goal? I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. We want to get a secure email program that is simple to use and rock solid in security.



----- Original Message -----

From: Craig Palmore (HPi)

To: I.S.C. Sergio A. Nieto

Cc: Manuel Alejandro Cuevas Macias

Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 10:29 PM

Subject: Fw: Secure Email project - Asier DC (from Craig Palmore)


The secure email program currently works well sending email from PC to PC. We'd like to implement a capability for the application to also securely communicate with handheld devices that can send and receive email. We'd like all the functions for sending and receiving secure email to be available when one party is on a handheld.

Were you able to set-up your account? I sent you the set-up info and password... see the email below...



----- Original Message -----

From: [url removed, login to view]

To: "Craig Palmore (HPi)"

Cc: [url removed, login to view]

Sent: Monday, January 19, 2009 8:13 PM

Subject: Handheld


We have questions regarding the handheld software...

A. What are the functionalities you want to implement on the handheld version?

B. Handhelds come in several different platforms, each will represent a different project, some can be done in .net, others in java, etc ....do you have a more specific kind of handhelds you want to start?



----- Original Message -----

From: Craig Palmore (HPi)

To: I.S.C. Sergio A. Nieto

Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 5:38 PM

Subject: Secure Email project - Asier DC (from Craig Palmore)


Hi Sergio,

I've sent you a pouch to set-up the Secure Email program called Asier DC. The password is: The installer is now found here: [url removed, login to view] <-- the old link provided in the set-up email no longer works. Use this link instead.

We are working on the project specification and should have that ready soon. In the meantime, I thought you'd like to see the application in its current form. We will want to enhance this secure email program so that it works with handheld devices, backs-up quickly, and has a good automated administrator interface. See the attached .txt file for Q&A related to the current "Asier DC" application. That's the name of the program in its current form. We will rename it after we fix it up.

Maybe we can find some way to embed "multi-party authorization" into the updated and enhanced secure email program. Maybe we could embed an ability for a User to allow other Users on a request basis to see certain email folders on the Users account. The more places we have multi-party authorization in use the better it is for the company Engedi for future licensing and IP protection.

This program, Asier Digital Courier(DC), is described on the old company site: [url removed, login to view] Note: Asier Technology was sold to and merged into Authenticrypt in late 2008.

Reminder: This project is a highly confidential development project for Engedi Technologies, Inc. so please do not mention or discuss it with anyone.



C. Craig Palmore

Office 757-437-2425

Cell 571-212-5179


Asier DC Questions:

1. What is it coded in?

AsierDC is coded in VC++ ver 6.0 It also uses various libraries that I have a royalty free licenses to.

Codejock XT_1931

Codejock XTP_8610

EasyMail [url removed, login to view]

Chado Spell Editor

Dundas Ultimate Toolbox

2. How big is the footprint?

The .exe is 1.9 MB.

3. To host it, what services does it require?

It requires a linux server with the following:

MYSQL, PHP, DirectAdmin control panel.

4. How much storage space and bandwidth does it require?

This is dependent on how many customers are using the service. I currently limit the size of each attachment to 100 MB. The most bandwidth we have ever used was 8 GB (but we have never had very many users). Disk space should require around the order of 2X or maybe 3X bandwidth since messages older than 2 weeks (optional) are removed.

5. Does it use AES or Chameleon?

The latest version just uses AES, however having the option to use Chameleon is just a matter of setting some flags in code.

6. Is there a document that describes the architecture and build?

No, just personal programmer notes. However this can be provided.

7. Is there a User Guide?

Yes there are help files.

8. What does it take to host it on our servers? Are there existing customer accounts to transfer?

It requires a linux server with the following:

MYSQL, PHP, DirectAdmin control panel.

There are existing customers, however they are beta customers. It would be your prerogative to remove them and start from scratch if you choose to.

9. Does it store customer emails? Can that size be set?

It actually generates a new email account for each customer during registration. Size can be set. However, AsierDC messages actually does not use email (smtp or IMAP) to transport messages. It simply relies on FTP. The reason has to do with sending a secure message to a Group. It is much more efficient to upload one single message and allow the recipients to retrieve them at their leisure than to send multiple messages to multiple recipients.

10. Is there an Admin management feature?

Yes, but it has never been fully developed since we could never settle on a method for billing our customers.

11. What are the nearest competing products currently in the market?

There is PGP, [url removed, login to view], and perhaps a few others.

12. Are there any customers asking for any upgrades?


13. Who are the existing users/customers?

Just a few friends and acquaintances.

14. How is this currently priced?

It has never evolved from beta.

15. Is there an existing plan for future product enhancements?

No, but incorporating public key infrastructure would be a nice improvement on the key exchange. This way customers would not have to do that one time password exchange over the phone line. However making that resistant to man in the middle attacks would require some work.

16. Can it be integrated into Outlook and Outlook Express as a toolbar... similar to the way Spambully integrates?

That would require a major re-write. AsierDC was built so that you have true end-to-end encryption. This means all the email and attachments remain encrypted until actually viewed. It is a standalone application. There are two schools of thought here. Some prefer complete transparency. Therefore the customer does not notice the difference between secure and non-secure email. (which can get you into trouble sometimes) However with AsierDC you know everything is secure since AsierDC only stores secure email/attachments. Also you can always view the ciphertext anytime by selecting the ciphertext view. On the other hand, with a standalone app the user cannot use some of the tools that are available to them in Outlook, OE, etc…

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