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488235 complex joomla site help needed

We have developed 40 joomla sites ourselves but we need help with this site.

We want to BUY as many GOOD third party extensions as necessary to insure long-term functionality. We want to minimize custom coding.

We may do most of the design, and will use a Rockettheme template as a starting point, but will need help to find imaginative cost-effective solutions. We do not expect all aspects of the wish list below to get done as we realize the development costs may be too high so we are only hoping to get most of this wish list accomplished.

Please send links of similarly complex Joomla sites. Do not include design or third-party extension costs or the filling in of basic text content or SEO, only your development costs to accomplish as much as possible technically. If you have good design skills or SEO, we may hire you additionally for that as well.

Below is the wish list written by our client. Ignore items which are impossible to accomplish within Joomla. If you can specify which items you CANNOT do, that would help us take your bid more seriously.

Better yet, please answer each point with the solution you would use. Ignore design/seo points.


Project Scope: To design and build a psychic website and database that will serve as an e-commerce business.

• MySQL driven backend with four levels of users…Members (front end), Psychics (Psychic Dashboard), • Administration, and sub-administration.

• Each level will be able to manipulate their profiles, manage payments, and view account activity statistics based upon their specific requirements as outlined below. The website will also be able to carry out all e-commerce elements on the IPAD.


Features & Services Included:

•        Graphically enhanced multimedia (audio/video/flash) capable site:

The website will include a dynamic menu system and user interface. The menu will include the following features: About our Founders, Customer Service Guarantee, Psychic Corner Blog, Customer Service, Daily Free Horoscope Signup, Create My Account (signup), Advisors currently Online, All Ph.D. Certified Advisors, Purchase an Email Reading (info), Purchase Dream Analysis (info), Purchase Astrology Charts, Areas of Expertise, About Your Psychic Sessions (What is a Psychic Reading, Preparing for your reading, Tools and Spiritual Communication), FAQ, Free Daily Horoscope viewing, Inspirational Podcasts, Are you a gifted Psychic, Myp affiliate Program, Code of Conduct, Testimonials, Mission Statement, Refer-a-friend Rewards banner, Personal Mentorship Banner, Past Life Regressions (info), Distance Healing (info), Why do we charge flat rates? (info), Psychic Cash Rewards,

•        A profile for Members and Psychics will be created.

•        Designed Landing Page w/ video

•        Full integration with  Merchant One's Customer Vault and Control Scan to be PCI Compliant

Links to social –media from the home page.

• Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Page

All required auto generated emails to complete signup of new accounts, manage lost login information, new Psychic Applications, notification of scheduled appointments (Psychic and Member), Notification of email reading or email dream analysis reading (Psychic and Members).

Creation of approval code system for claiming of paid psychic readings w/email notification to admin.

• Creation of internal pages for Psychics to answer email readings and email dream analysis readings.

•        Development of automated shopping cart with ability to “back sell” a Member additional services after the initial purchase.


•        The ability to alter or create through the back end (CMS) the following features:  All front end text, pictures and banners, Psychics work schedule, featured psychics, all front end pricing, the ability to edit, preview all psychic promo material before moving to the front end Admin also needs the ability to add testimonials/feedback to the front end.  

•        Development of Refer-a friend program with Psychic Cash Rewards, birthday rewards, and psychic dollars program. (accounts)

•        Development of all required features in “Psychic Promo Box”. Layers 1 and 2

•        Integration with 3rd party affiliate program.

•        Development of a feedback (rating system) for the psychics. The Members will be able to rate their psychic by “star” rating through email feedback, or by comment.  All email comments must be first sent and approved by admin prior to posting.

•        Development of dynamic FAQ with ability to edit and post new info from the backend

•        Development of system that allows a Member to pre-pay for instant readinds or schedule appointments based on the psychics work schedule. In addition, rules must be implemented that prevent the psychic from logging in and working outside of their admin approved work schedule.

•   Development of “my local time”.  This will prompt the psychic and member to enter their local time at login.  This will be tied to all work schedules and scheduled appointments which will shift and make the website accurate for any US time zone.

•        Creation of a separate Psychic Dashboard Login. Here the psychic will receive and view orders for email readings, dream analysis readings, view sales, login and off of site, and blog.

•        Development of video and audio podcast. (itunes link)

•        Development of Psychic Cash Rewards Program (3% back on all purchases)

•        Development of Mentorship Program – the ability for Members to have regular scheduled appointments at a discounted rate for a pre-determined length of time.  

•        Development of online application to hire new psychics.

•        Integration with 3rd party horoscope feed, and ability to email daily horoscope to all opt in users.

•        Integration with PayPal for payment

•        Members will be able to register, select and browse through psychic profiles, see which psychics are live/or available, upload their own photos, maintain their personal information, pay or subscribe to the various services offered, schedule psychic sessions, and track their usage and spending though an account activity folder.

•        Psychics will be able to register, initiate and track their readings, view their income, receive notifications of Members requesting their services via email, scheduled sessions in the future or by phone, upload profile images and audio bios or video bios, submit articles and content to the site relevant to the categories and subjects allowable which will help make the site a resource of information for people who would visit, and as a way to promote themselves.  This will help increase traffic and search engine rankings. The Psychic will also be able to track all account activity though their profile.

• Development of Psychic Daily Work schedule at a glance with ability to enter appointments for the advisors as they are made (admin panel)

• Development of Psychic login and logout charts at a glance

• Development of MYP Financial (admin panel). Manage Member account (credit accounts / Credit Card / Paypal / Add Psychic Cash Rewards) and development of Invoice system to track such credits/sales through account activity). Development of Payroll report (and bi-weekly total of sales). The system must be able to (through computing of bi-weekly sales data and credits the Psychics paycheck. Adjustment of site wide Psychic Cash Rewards percentage.

• Development of referral statistics, showing admin how people found out site based upon questions asked upon registration.

• Development of a Blog for Psychics to post and Members to comment.  Need a flagging system so users can self-monitor “abusive content”.

• Development of an email gathering tool (admin panel), so opt-in users can be marketed for future promotions and specials.

• Development of Psychic Referral Dollars program, which rewards psychics for referring new business to the site through a promo code system.


•        Admin will be able to manage and view all profiles, account activity of Psychics and Memebrs, update content on the site, authorize or lock accounts, view and manage all income and distribute payments and refunds, manage customer service inquires, submit and send emails and newsletters to subscribers, and offer discounts through promo code system. Admin will also require the ability to register and charge new Memberships through the Member admin panel.

•        Live chat for customer service (3rd party intergration)

•        SEO Compliant, to prepare for online marketing.  The site will be indexed with Google and other major search engines as part of this proposal. Key Meta tags will be added to all pages of content and can be altered by the client as necessary. Also the site will be configured with analytics to track PPC campaigns. Client will have the ability to choose and insert keywords used to find the site.

•        Dynamically updated RSS news and blog functionality.

•        Full cross-browser compatibility

•        Testing, de-bugging, training and support is included for 60 days after launch.


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