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There are several problems I have with the Evolution mail client that ships with the current Ubuntu Linux. - Analyze a set of bugs I send you (Already reported, if yes, are there any patches etc.) - Fix the bugs - provide an launchpad ppa with the fixed version (see also that is compiled for the current Ubuntu version. If would be nice if this also works with the next Ubuntu version (Launchpad PPA already does most of the repetitive work as far as I know) - Release everything as GPL. If you improve a patch, send it to the bugtracker again and so on - Short documentation as PDF or ODT file (around one A4 page per bug report) what you did (links to the bugtrackers, most promising patch, and so on) I would be good if you are yourself an user of the Evolution eMail client on Ubuntu - if not, before beginning work, please set up such a test system with some dummy email accounts and so on.

## Deliverables

My suggestion: 1. check if bug is already reported for Ubuntu or upstream 1a. check the status 1b. if it is already fixed in upstream, backport that to Ubuntu as good as possible. 1c. otherwise just fix the bug and submit the bug to the bugtracker 2. if bug is not reported: report it, test it, provide a patch in the bug and so on. When bidding, please give a short estimation in USD for each bug (after briefly checking whether it is already reported and so on) I think/hope each bug should basicly be fixable at roundabout 5-30 USD. Maybe you give a discount as everything is released for the community. BUG1: I disabled the feature "mark mail as read after x seconds". I use pop3 connection to an exchange server and create some local folders below inbox, for example "4_HQ_Misc". Scenario (the bug only happens in maybe 1 of 10 received mails): 1. email is fetched automatically (10 minutes interval) 2. I see the email in the inbox, it is unread 2a: The folder 4_HQ_Misc has 3 unread mails so it shows "4_HQ_Misc (3)" 3. I click on the mail, move it to the folder 4_HQ_Misc and release the mouse button 4. The unread count of HQ Misc changes as expected: 4_HQ_Misc (4) 5. BUT: When I click on 4_HQ_Misc to see the mail, it is not there 6. the mail also disappeared from the inbox 7. after an evolution restart, the mail is shown in 4_HQ_Misc (4) as it should be But it is quite annoying to restart Evolution every day several times. BUG2: After standard installation, Evolution might move some mails (false positives) to the SPAM folder because the default SPAM filter (bogusfilter) is not trained well. On my system it did also mark them as unread so I did not find these mails for a long time. I used: pop3 connection to an exchange server. Find also an easy way to reproduce this behavior BUG3: I am using POP3 with "leave messages on server". If there are connection problems, it happens sometimes (once per month), that all emails are re-downloaded again and appear in the inbox as new mail. The first step to fix this bug would be to analyze, how Evolution decides whether a mail was already downloaded or not.

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