Socket programming chatbox and claim system

I currently have a plugin that assigns orders to several people. Next to each order is a claim button. Multiple users can click the same claim button within a set time frame. After the set time frame ends, the order is randomly assigned to a user. Once a user has an order assigned to them, they can see a chatbox where they speak directly to a client.

I need some updates to this plugin.

Claim page - Admin Backend


About this page: On this page, users can see specific woocommerce orders based in specific settings. The orders they can see are based on global settings and individual user settings.

Updates needed:

- Socket programming: Currently it checks if users are claiming or if order is available via constant javascript pinging. This should be removed. No server load

- Pulling orders update: Currently the plugin pulls all woocommerce orders then uses display:none to hide the ones the users shouldn't see. It should only pull orders based on settings.

- Record who claimed order: When a user claims the order add name to the woocommerce order detail page. This should be editable

- Show all available orders: If an order is in a claimable status, it should display. Currently it hides orders that are claimable that had been claimed before

- Rearrange orders: Have orders display oldest first

Order Detail page - Admin Backend


About this page: After clicking the claim button, and being awarded an order, users are redirected to a page associated with their order. This order has a chatbox. Customers have a chatbox on the front end.

Updates needed:

- Socket programming: Currently the chatbox checks for new messages every couple of seconds. This should be removed. No server load. Maintain old messages.

- Chat features needed: remove ability to use code in message, register multiple lines and links automatically, add typing notification, show notification if client is viewing their chat


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