[Phase 1] Transliteration in Indic Languages (Odia)

În desfăşurare Postat la acum 2 ani S-au achitat serviciile după ce au fost prestate
În desfăşurare S-au achitat serviciile după ce au fost prestate

We are looking for:

Transliterators to romanize given texts. You will be given a word in Odia and you have to write the same non latin word in English transcription. Like how the word is pronounced in Odia, the same pronunciation should be written in English.


- Expected time/word - 15 to 20seconds per word

- Quality Expectation - 98%+ (Based on a sample of 3%)

- Budget - Rs 1/word or Rs 150-200/Hours (Average time/word should not exceed 20 seconds)

Rules to follow:

- Prefer commonly used transliteration to an accurate phonetic representation. For example, the romanization of "कम्प्यूटर" or "കമ്പ്യൂട്ടർ" is "computer" and not "kampyootar".

- In particular, English origin words should use the correct English spelling. For example: ടെന്നീസ്- Tennis but not Tennees

- Please ensure that the correct spelling is used for words that are only spelled one way, or the most common/natural spelling for others.

- Please indicate if, in case, the native word is broken or spelling is wrong. (use comment section - usage expected to be minimal)

- Capitalization is not critical

Interface of the tool:

- Numbers/words will be actively tracked

- Total time spent on the tool will be captured


- Freelancer.com NDA Signed

- Tech Mahindra NDA Signed (This will be issued later in the project)

- Passed Initial Transliteration Review

Milestones and deadlines:

- Deadline: 5 weeks (from awarding time)

- The project will be open until 29th March 2021, at which point all work must stop and the project will be closed, not matter where you are in the transliteration process (unless we specify otherwise during the project)

- The project will take on three phases per freelancer, each freelancer will need to complete their current milestone before moving onto the next larger milestone, attempting to complete the three milestones before the deadline. (You will be assessed on your current milestone, and will only receive a new milestone if you are successful in the current milestone)

1. Milestone 1 - 2,000 Words

2. Milestone 2 - 8,000 Words

3. Milestone 3 - 10,000 Words

4. Milestone 4 - 10,000 Words

All milestones will be released upon transliterating all the words set for that milestone. Milestones will be released by the employer within 72 hours of the above conditions being met.

Related Documents:

- Transliteration Instructions, reminding you of the objectives, rules and any requirements: [login to view URL]

- How to access the tool, which you will need to access to work on and complete the milestone : [login to view URL]

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