Cum te putem ajuta?

Successful freelancing on opens the global job market to freelancers of all trades and professions, eliminating the need for expensive advertising. There are opportunities available whether you work online or if your trade is more hands-on.

  • Bid on projects. Take the time to complete your profile. A complete profile is a must when bidding on projects. Let your clients know why you're best suited for the job with your comprehensive profile. Try implementing these best practices as well to improve your chances of winning projects.
  • Join contests. Join contests to put your work in the spotlight right away. Winning contests will help you earn reviews and build a reputation while earning prizes as well. This is particularly easy for design work.
  • Offer your services. Apart from projects and contests, you can also earn on the website by being a service provider. This is an easy and passive way to receive requests for jobs.
  • Receive earnings. You can keep your earned payments in your account for later withdrawal. This way, you can use them to pay for bid and contest entry upgrades. You can also upgrade your membership to unlock more benefits and features. You are free to withdraw them as soon as you earn them as well.
  • Showcase your work. After completing projects or contests and receiving great reviews, try to submit your work for showcasing. The Freelancer Showcase is where your can get hired directly if clients like your showcased work. Note that submissions are subject to review, so not all requests will be approved. helps you turn your hard-earned skills into a substantial income. Freelancing has never been easier or more profitable, so sign up now if you haven’t yet, and start your career as a freelancer!


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