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Tips for showcasing your work

In order to maintain a first-rate Showcase collection, submitted entries are reviewed one-by-one by our team. If you want your work to be included in the Showcase, consider the following tips when submitting your work for review as they are the criteria considered in approving submissions:

  • Make it visually-appealing. Try to present your work in the best way possible. Quality mock-ups and presentation options are easy to find nowadays. Make use of them, if applicable to your work.
  • Represent your work precisely. If you created a logo, you can either upload the logo itself or a mock-up version. As long as the image shows your output, it is acceptable. Uploading graphic work for a data entry project will get your submission rejected.
  • Submit in high resolution. Since Showcases are mostly design-related, they can be better appreciated in high resolution. Submit images that are at least 300 pixels per inch to showcase your work in its full glory. Files in JPG, GIF, or PNG formats that are at least 800x600 pixels are accepted.
  • Be unique. Showcase entries that have distinct appeal are more likely to get accepted. Try to submit entries that have a unique style or art feel. Works that are seemingly generic or those that look like they can easily be downloaded online are more likely to be rejected.


Note: Getting your submission approved will still depend on your entry’s over-all quality.


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