15-day Delay for Withdrawals

Almost all companies follow a turnaround time for every transaction. This allows them to check each transaction to ensure success.

On Freelancer.com, all first-time withdrawals are delayed for 15 days before processing for security purposes. We make sure that the money being withdrawn is not linked to any suspicious source. Fifteen (15) days gives us enough time to review the funds being withdrawn, analyze its source, and examine where the funds will be sent to.

This protocol was set to protect our valued freelancers and employers. After the 15 days, the withdrawal request will be processed according to the regular cutoff schedule (schedule below).

The said 15-day delay affects a user only on their first withdrawal. The good news is once the first withdrawal is processed successfully, all subsequent withdrawals will follow the regular cutoff times:

  • 5 PM on Sunday EDT (New York time) or 7 AM on Monday AEST (Sydney time) - This will be processed on Monday (New York time) or Tuesday (Sydney time)

  • 5 PM on Wednesday EDT (New York time) or 7 AM on Thursday AEST (Sydney time) - This will be processed on Thursday (New York time) or Friday (Sydney time)

For Plus, Professional, and Premier Members who have had at least one (1) successful withdrawal before, daily withdrawal processing is now available.

If a withdrawal request is successfully processed, the money will reflect on the user’s payment gateway (e.g. PayPal) depending on the expected timeframe for their withdrawal method. 

The status of a withdrawal request can be checked by going to the Financial Dashboard page and clicking the Withdrawals tab.

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