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Corporate Bid Card

The Corporate bid card contains the highlights of your Corporate profile and more. Exclusively for Corporate accounts, it also includes added features to help better present your team to prospective clients.


Clients will be able to distinguish your bid card from others’ as the Corporate badge will be shown beside your company name, as will your company tagline right underneath.




1. Business/Company Logo. Only corporate accounts are allowed to use a logo for a profile picture. Recommended resolution is 280 x 180 pixels (maximum: 2 MB).


2. Company Name. You can set your display name or company name for your corporate account during account onboarding. Maximum character for a company name is 25.


3. Corporate Badge. Distinguishes Corporate bid cards from the rest


4. Company Tagline. Promote your account by adding a tagline in your profile.



Take advantage of all added account features to help improve your business by subscribing to Freelancer Corporate.


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