How to Add a Portfolio

To showcase the quality of your work to your potential employers, you would naturally want to give them samples of your work. However, the option to attach files to bid proposals is not available. As such, you are given the option to upload your work samples to your Portfolio on your profile page instead.

To add items to your Portfolio, follow these steps:

1. Click your picture thumbnail at the upper right corner of your Dashboard page and select Profile.

2. Click Edit Profile.

3. Click Edit Portfolio.

4. Click + Add Portfolio Item.

5. Select the file type and provide a title and description.

6. Upload your sample work.

You can upload the following file types with their corresponding maximum sizes and formats. Any file type for articles and codes is accepted. 

7. Select the skills related to the sample work.

8. Click Save.


Your portfolio is one of the simplest ways to show employers what you are capable of. Learn more here.

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