How to Adjust Your Email Settings

If you’re overwhelmed by large amounts of emails every day, don't fret! It's quite a simple matter to manage your email messages. What's great is that you can change the types of notifications you receive and the time that you can receive them. You can sync different notifications to correspond with your timetable. 

To change your email settings, you can follow these steps:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on your profile picture at the upper right corner of your page and select Settings

3. Click Notifications.


Here are the parts of your Notifications page:

Email Format

In this section, you can set the format of email notifications you can receive to either HTML or Plain Text. 


Email Notifications for Employers

This section is for employers who want to be updated with the activities on their project.

You can toggle the notifications ON or OFF as preferred. Blue is for ON and gray is for OFF.

You can also choose the frequency of email notifications to receive in a day. The default setting is specified below:

If you do not prefer the default email frequency, you can choose from the other time settings:


Email Notifications for Freelancers

This section is for freelancers who want to be updated with the latest projects posted on the site.

You can choose your email frequency for this notification by clicking on the dropdown menu under Email Frequency.

Freelancers can also choose to be updated with the latest local jobs. 


Individual Notifications

In this section, both employers and freelancers can choose the kinds of individual email notifications that they want to get.


Other Notifications / SMS

Here, you can choose to subscribe to other notifications: marketing emails, deals, and monthly newsletters. If you want to be updated through your mobile, just toggle the SMS option ON.

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