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What is the Completion Rate?

The Completion Rate indicates the percentage of a freelancer’s projects that were completed successfully within the delivery date (project deadline) and with payments done on This helps an employer gauge a freelancer’s commitment and ability to see projects through to completion. The Completion Rate takes into account not only completed projects but also those that are not completed on time. 


Completion Rate on the Profile Page

A user’s Completion Rate can be found on their profile page and tagged as Jobs Completed.

The Completion Rate shown on a user's profile page is their overall Completion Rate for all completed projects across all their profile's skills. 

By default, the statistics on a user’s page shows their overall reputation. Filtering their stats by skills and time period is possible in the Reviews popup.

To view the Reviews popup, go to the user's profile page, scroll down to their Recent Reviews section, and click View More Reviews. The Reviews section will then pop up. 

You can also check out selected reviews from the Recent Reviews page by selecting your View option.

In the example below, we selected Past 12 Months and the Completion Rate changed. The user's overall Completion Rate is 99% as shown from above, but the Completion Rate for their past 12 months is 100% as seen below. Note that the number of reviews included in the computation will be shown per filtered view.


Completion Rate on Project Page

The Completion Rate shown on a freelancer's bid may vary from their overall Completion Rate. This is because the Completion Rate shown on a bid is based only on the user's Completion Rate for their projects that have skills matching the project they are bidding on.

For our previous example, the user's overall Completion Rate is 99%. However, for their bid on a project with the "Ghostwriting" skill, the Completion Rate shown on their bid is 98%. This is because their Completion Rate for only their completed projects with the "Ghostwriting" skill is 98%. 

This reputation representation is implemented in order to allow employers to evaluate bidders’ statistics in relation to their posted project’s relevant skills.


Maintaining a High Completion Rate

The Completion Rate plays a vital part on how a freelancer is considered for a project. Freelancers only need to make sure that they are paid within and that they complete their accepted projects on time to be able to maintain a high Completion Rate.

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