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Contest Prize Auto-distribution

A contest prize can be automatically distributed to top or qualified entrants if the contest holder fails to choose a winner 30 days after the contest ends.This applies to both Guaranteed and Basic (Non-guaranteed) contests. This is also specified in Section 30 of Terms and Conditions. 

For Clients/Contest Holders

The automatic distribution is irreversible, making the prize non-refundable. Should you decide to award the contest after the prize has been auto-distributed, you will need to fund the contest again to pay the winner.

For Freelancers/Entrants

If you qualify for the prize, you will receive a news feed notification about the prize distribution. The prize you received will also reflect in your account which you can confirm by checking your Transaction History.

Prize fee applies to auto-distributed prizes that you receive. It is calculated at 10% of the contest prize or $5* USD, whichever is greater. 

*The system will only charge a minimum fee ($5) when each person receives a distributed prize money more than $10.

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