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How to Bookmark Contests

When browsing contests, you may come across one that you wish to join but to which you cannot submit an entry yet. Choosing to participate in that contest will notify the contest holder that you are working on an entry that you will upload later, but it will not enable you to record your participation in the contest.

To help you keep track of such contests, you can make use of the bookmark icon. Bookmarking contests allows you to have a list of all contests you'll submit an entry to at a later time.

Note: If you are on a free membership, you can bookmark up to 10 projects and contests in total. To get unlimited bookmarking option, avail a paid membership plan. 


You can bookmark a contest from the contest page itself. At the upper right part of a contest's page, click the bookmark icon located above the contest prize. The bookmark icon will turn blue when you bookmark the contest.


You can find your bookmarked projects and contests by clicking Browse on the menu bar, and by choosing Bookmarks from the list. 

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