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Building A Better Profile

Completing your profile is an important part of advertising yourself as a hire-able professional to potential clients. It plays a major role in helping clients decide whether you’re the right person for the job.


We’d like to provide you with a few tips on how to build a profile that will attract clients.


Profile Picture




Presenting yourself through a profile picture establishes trust within the platform, so make sure to choose a picture that looks like you and that demonstrates you are professional yet approachable. 


What you are wearing is also important, as it’s a reflection of what you’d wear ‘to go to work’. 


Here are some other tips to help you choose the right photo:


1. The photo should show your face from the shoulder up, free from any object like hats, sunglasses or masks that may cover any distinguishable characteristics.

2. Only you should be in the photo, without any other person, animal or other distracting object in the image.


3. Your face should be in the center of the photo.


4. The focus is on you, so the background should not be cluttered or distracting. Instead, it should be plain, neat, and pleasant to the eyes. An office or a photo studio are excellent backgrounds.

5. Make sure you take the photo in proper lighting conditions. In front of a window usually works well. Make sure the image has good pixel quality as well as good lighting and coloring. The minimum dimensions are 280x280 pixels. The allowed formats are JPGand PNG.


6. Smile! Present yourself in a proper manner with a friendly facial expression and decent clothing that are relevant to your profession. Please see the example below.


You can be penalized for using a photo of someone not associated with your account. Use your business logo only if you are subscribed to Freelancer Corporate.


Professional Headline




Your headline is a short description that should refer to your main area of expertise or specialization as you can see from the example above. Another example is ‘Data Entry | English Transcript Writer.’ Minimum word-count for a headline is 10 words, and the maximum is 50.






Your Profile summary should list all the types of work you are capable of doing. A well written summary should include:

  • All of the services you offer
  • All of the deliverables and output you can produce (eg, Landing pages, Branding Kit, Minimal Style Logo Design, etc.)
  • All of the tools, software, or language you’ve mastered (Ex. Adobe Photoshop, Python, Javascript, Figma, etc.)
  • A short statement about how well you write and communicate with your given language and/or the languages you work in





You must also add the skills that are more applicable to your experience. Please include only the skills you are proficient in. You may also add tools, deliverables, and other tags that help clients know what you are capable of.






Your portfolio is one of the most visible sections on your profile page. Having a visual representation of your work is one of the easiest ways to capture a client’s attention. 


Portfolio items can take the form of images, articles/documents, code, videos, audio and any other kind of file. We recommend having at least 6 portfolio items that clearly demonstrate your skills and expertise.


Experience and Certification




Highlight your education and work experience. This will give your clients an in depth look at your previous jobs and the tasks involved. Add the title of the position, alongside a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments, with the period in which you worked there.


Here you can also add any relevant major projects that you completed on We also recommend adding any relevant certifications and publications that you may have.




Freelancer Verified




The Verified badge gives you an edge in the marketplace by ensuring your authenticity and increasing trust.  As part of verified, you get access to projects above $3000 USD and the chance to work with enterprise clients. Our dedicated staff will work with you to validate your identity, and increase your chances of winning projects with clients!


Start your verification now.


Know Your Customer (KYC)


Maintaining integrity and establishing a secure online marketplace is crucial. Both clients and freelancers should feel safe transacting with each other, to ensure the trust and safety in we highly encourage our users to go through this process.


Learn more about it here.


Preferred Freelancer Program



Be a member of our Elite Freelancer community and get exclusive invitations to work on high-value projects, among other perks.


Applying to this program is free. Just follow these steps.


Good Example Profiles:

For inspiration, here are some excellent profiles we’ve seen on the platform:

Useful links:

For more information, you can check out our YouTube tutorial on how to complete your Freelancer profile


You can jump to the specific parts of the video by clicking on the timestamps in the video description.


You can also point others to specific sections of the video by sharing any of the following links:


00:19 - Verify your email address

00:40 - Complete your account information and verify your phone number

01:11 - Personalize your profile page - Add a Profile Picture, Headline and Summary

01:25 - Add a profile picture

01:44 - Add a professional Headline

01:56 - Complete your summary

02:22 - Add skills

02:45 - Complete your experience and education 

03:02 - Add samples to your portfolio’s Perfect Profile Service


Still unsure of how to create the Perfect Profile? We can help!


The Perfect Profile service by is made to help you achieve that perfect-looking profile picture and bio that attracts clients. This service only costs $19 USD.


The service includes the following:


     (1) A profile picture edit where we can either blur out your background or replace your background with a colored one that complements your profile picture.


     (2) A profile summary or bio edit where we will rewrite your profile summary with at most 150 words.


More details can be seen here, and if you are ready to revamp your profile, fill out this request form. Note that the Perfect Profile fee will immediately be applied upon submission of the form. From the date of submission, your profile will be updated within five (5) business days.

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