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What Projects Can I Get as a Preferred Freelancer?

The Preferred Freelancer Program gives you access to worthwhile projects. The well-paying Recruiter Projects for instance are exclusive to Preferred Freelancers. For such projects, clients pay a premium so as to take advantage of Preferred Freelancers, making sure their goals for their projects are realized.

If you are a Preferred Freelancer, you will be invited to bid on Recruiter Projects by our Recruiter Assistants, but you are not obliged to bid on them. If you can do a project, however, then we rely on you to accept it.


If you are too busy to take on new projects, you can change your Preferred Freelancer status temporarily by following these steps:

1. Click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar. Then, click Settings.

2. Select the Account tab.

3. Under the Preferred Freelancer Program Status section, set the toggle to OFF to show that you’re on break. ( If the toggle is ON, it means you want to be contacted by Recruiter Assistants. )


4. Click Save Settings.

Your badge will not be visible on your profile for the duration of your break from the program.

On the subject of payments, we recommend taking advantage of the Milestone Payment System. It offers both client and freelancer a safe way to go about making payments and receiving payments.

It is not a good practice to request upfront payments on any non-Recruiter project on the site as it results in a negative user experience for clients and/or may lead to sanctions for freelancers.

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