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Retracting a bid

Your bid is at the top of the bids list in the Proposals tab of your project page. Click Retract on your bid card to remove your bid.




Alternatively, you can go to My Projects page:


   1.  Click My Projects on the navigation bar at the top portion of your Dashboard and click View All.


   2.  Toggle the Freelancer view on the right part above the table.


   3.  Select the Active Bids tab to find all your recent bids. As long as the project is open for bidding, you will find your bid on this tab.


   4.  On the Action drop-down menu of the project bid, select Retract Bid.




You will be directed to the to the project's page to complete your action and your bid will be automatically removed from the bid list. This means that the client will no longer see your bid, nor award you the project. If you change your mind, you can bid on the project again as long as it is still open and you still have available bids on your account.




  • Any bid upgrade you purchased will not be refunded to your account when you retract a bid.
  • The bid you retracted does not add back to your bid count. If you have 7/8 bids before retracting, you will still have 7/8 bids after. Read more about bid replenishment here.
  • You cannot retract a bid once the project is awarded to you.


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