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2-Step Verification

Two-step verification or two-factor authentication is an added layer of security to your account. It ensures that only you can access your account by requiring confirmation using a verification code sent to your registered security phone number or email address.



Unusual login activity


Whenever an unusual login activity is detected, the 2-step verification will be triggered. The login attempt will be blocked until the verification code sent via email is provided.



Unrecognized device


You can further prevent another person or entity from accessing your account without your permission by turning on the 2-step verification for unrecognized devices. Once enabled, verification will be required whenever we detect login attempts using devices you have not used to log in to your account before.


     1.  Click your profile photo thumbnail, and choose Settings on the sidebar.


     2.  Choose Account Security.


     3.  On the Two-Factor Authentication section, click Get Started


     4.  Review or edit your registered email and phone number, and click Confirm.


     5.  Once confirmed, you may edit your preferred verification code delivery method (SMS or Email) on the Delivery Preference section.


Note: If you have difficulty receiving SMS messages, then we suggest that you set your preferred verification code delivery method to Email. Otherwise, you may be unable to log in to your account.





You will be required to complete the 2-step verification whenever you request to withdraw your earned funds. This will protect your funds in the event that your account is compromised.



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