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Trust Score

Freelancer Trust Score is one way to measure your trustworthiness in the community. This is apart from Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. Trust Score ranges from 0-100. To score points from 0 to 100, you need to complete the following: 

Along the completion of these verifications, is an implication that you are one of the freelancers or clients that are most safe to work with as you have taken time to be completely verified.

For freelancers with high Trust Score, you have a chance to have a higher bid rank. And, though the numerical value of your Trust Score is not visible in your profile, most of the verifications mentioned above are shown in the Verifications section of your profile page. This is where clients can see if you have done the verification checks on the site. 

Verifications section

For clients, having a high Trust Score means you have almost completed all the types of verification which the freelancers will also confirm in the About the Client - Client Verification section of the project you posted.

About the client section

This will then attract freelancers to bid on your projects since they would definitely want to work with clients who have a trusted reputation.

For a more secured transaction and for a higher chance to grow and succeed in the platform, make sure to get your account completely verified.

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