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Browse Freelancers, Projects, and Contests Pages

Are you a freelancer looking for projects and contests, or a client looking for freelancers? Browsing for these has never been easier through the Browse page.

From the landing page, click Browse beside the Freelancer logo and click either Projects, Contests, or Freelancers under the Search section.


Depending on your selection, you will be routed to the following Browse pages: Freelancers, Projects or Contests. Within the Browse page, you can switch between the three search tabs (as seen in the image below). Every search tab is designed with (1) a search bar with a Save Search feature, (2) a filter option on the left panel, and (3) the search results beside it.

Search Bar and Saved Search

The search bar is no different with the search bars that you find online where you can type whatever comes to your mind. What is different in this section are the options for advanced search and saving your search. 

To save a search, simply type in your search keyword in the search bar then click Save. Add a name for your saved search and do not forget to click Receive Alerts to be notified in the bell icon . Click Save once you are done.

Saving a search makes it easier, especially if you are frequently using the same keywords when searching.

In addition, you can also use advanced search options for a more precise search result. Click Show advanced options where you can indicate specific words/phrase for searching.

Filters section

Filtering your search would be efficient for more specific results.

The fields in the filter section vary depending on the search page you are at so you can specifically set your preferences. Here are the following filters for each tabs:

Freelancers search filter

Projects search filter

Contests search filter


Results section

Just on the right side of the Filters section are the search results. By default, the results shown are sorted by relevance but you may change how the results are sorted. Here are the available sorting options for each tab:

Sorting freelancers search

Sorting Projects search

Sorting Contests search

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