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Freelancer Groups

Freelancer Groups were created to build user communities within the platform. It is a place where you can: 


Communicate with your team

Collaborate on projects

Receive new projects

Receive announcements (i.e. product releases) relevant for you

Be guided on how freelancing works


Groups are of the following types: Public community* groups are created by another users where you can join, Private groups are exclusive to the people invited by the group administrator(s) and collaborators, and Official groups are the ones created by Administrators. 

*Newly created Public community groups are subject to approval, you will receive a chat notification once your group has been approved.

You can access the Groups page by clicking Groups in the main navigation bar, then View All. From there, you will see two tabs: (1) My Groups where you can see all the groups you are in and (2) Discover where you can check official and community groups you may want to join in.

You can also quickly search for a group you are in by using the search bar or by clicking the Group type -- Private, Official, Community to sort your Groups.


On the upper right corner of the Groups page, you can also toggle from list view or thumbnail view.

Joining and Viewing a Group


If you are interested in joining a group recommended for you, simply click the Join button beside the group name. If you want to learn more about the group first, click the name of the group you are interested in. All group names visible on the page are clickable. 



Managing Your Groups (For Members)


You can easily access and see updates on groups you are part of from the News feed, Groups page or directly from the Groups menu. Groups you belong to automatically appear under the Groups menu in the navigation bar.


Now, from a specific group’s page, you have the following actions:


     1.  Manage Notifications


     2.  Leave group


     3.  Like posts


     4.  Comment on posts*


     5.  Reply on comments*


     6.  Report comments*


* These actions can be enabled/disabled by the administrator or collaborator.

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