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In relation to recent events in Eastern Europe


Update (December 19, 2023): From December 31st 2023, we will be discontinuing all services to all Russian users.



We are devastated with the ongoing strife in Eastern Europe and our thoughts and prayers are with all who are standing in the midst of this difficult time. We hope for peace and everyone’s safety.


To abide by the sanctions placed by the governments of Australia, US, and a broad coalition of other countries and institutions, we regret to bring the news that the site’s services can no longer be provided to individuals and entities located within these two specific regions of Ukraine:


Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) 

Luhansk People’s Republic (LNR)


Further, due to the limitations placed by our payment processing partners, transactions using the Russian Ruble (RUB) and Russian-issued cards are no longer allowed. 


We are closely monitoring the situation 24/7 and will provide utmost help and support possible to the impacted users on our platform.


We will continue to update this community guide for future changes. Please feel free to contact us at





You were given an option to receive payouts from your earnings until March 21st provided that:


     (1)  you are not located in the sanctioned regions of Donetsk and Luhansk,

     (2)  the currency of the funds you are withdrawing is not in Russian Ruble (RUB), and

     (3)  your bank is not in the sanctioned list.


These are some major banks that have been sanctioned: 











The updated and full list can be found here and here.


For Express Withdrawal / Payouts, we have removed Russia in the options to stop RUB transactions. Russian users can still receive payouts using a bank outside Russia or with a different withdrawal method.


Wire is not available for users in Russia and in the sanctioned regions.


For PayPal, no payouts will be processed to bank accounts in Russia and in sanctioned areas.


Skrill is currently not accepting new registrations from users in Donetsk, Luhansk, Belarus and Russia. Existing users in those areas have also been restricted from receiving funds from sources outside of Russia and Belarus. 


Payoneer payouts will be available for Russian users only until December 8, 2022. Additionally, Payoneer registrations from Russian users will be closed on December 1st 2022 and on December 16th 2022, Payoneer is no longer available. Users with Russian bank accounts in their Payoneer account need to provide a non-Russian bank account to continue receiving payments to Payoneer.


I’m located in the sanctioned region, what will happen to my earnings?

Payoneer has allowed payouts until March 21st. If you have not made payout requests prior to this date, your earnings will stay in your account indefinitely. You can request payouts once the restriction is lifted. If you are no longer in a sanctioned location, please contact our Support team at for assistance.


I’m not located in the sanctioned regions, but my payout was cancelled.

Your payout requests should be processed as long as you are not using the RUB currency and your bank is not in the sanctioned list. Please contact our Support team at to check the reason for cancellation.



Adding Funds


Adding funds in Russian Ruble (RUB) and Russian-issued cards will no longer be processed due to financial restrictions in place.


Furthermore, banks in Russia have been sanctioned and some global payment processors have halted their operations in certain regions and in Russia. As a merchant, our service is limited to what our partner payment processors are able to offer. If your payment method does not work, we recommend using another payment method.



Refunds for Added Funds


We have stopped processing refunds in Russian Ruble (RUB) and for Russian-issued cards. Similarly, requests for refund of added funds from sanctioned banks cannot be processed due to a restriction associated with these banks.


Refund for added funds of users in the sanctioned regions has been completely stopped as well.

If we are unable to process your refund, our Payment Support team will reach out to you via email. You may also contact us at



Account Sanctions


Due to the international restrictions established, starting March 28, we can no longer offer our services to individuals and entities in the sanctioned lists and in the sanctioned countries/regions, which include Donetsk and Luhansk. This applies to active accounts and non-members who attempt to register.



Projects and Ongoing Work


Update: US users and individuals restricted to work on Russian business and accounting-related projects


In compliance to a determination pursuant to section 1(a)(ii) of executive order 14071 (“Prohibiting New Investment in and Certain Services to the Russian Federation in Response to Continued Russian Federation Aggression) from the US Treasury's office of Foreign Assets Control, freelancers in the USA as well as those living abroad but are still US citizens are restricted from accepting accounting, trust and corporate formation, or management consulting services to clients located in Russia.


How will it affect me?


Freelancers from and in the US will be unable to bid on projects and join contests from Russian clients starting June 7th. A banner notification will be displayed in the projects and contests that you are not eligible to bid or join in.

Russian clients will be unable to directly hire freelancers in the US or award existing projects and contests to a freelancer in the US.

What will happen to my ongoing project?


For freelancers in the US currently working with a Russian client for any kind of project mentioned above, you have until June 7th to finish the project. The project will be halted after the said date and all pending Milestones will be cancelled.

For Russian clients currently working with US freelancers for any kind of project mentioned above, you have until June 7th to wrap up your project and release the Milestone Payments to your freelancer. After the said date, your project will be halted and you will have to award another freelancer (outside US or is not a US citizen) if the project is not finished yet.


What will happen to my project/contest with a freelancer/client from a sanctioned region?

If you are a client working with a freelancer in a sanctioned region, your project will not be closed, but you will need to find another freelancer to work with you on your project. Feel free to contact us so we can help you find another freelancer.


On the other hand, if you are a freelancer hired by a client in a sanctioned territory, you’ll be unable to continue with your project(s) after March 28. Your client’s activities, including running a project, will have been halted. Please contact our Support team for further assistance on this.


What happens to my pending Milestone Payments?

For freelancers working with a client from a sanctioned region, unfortunately, we have to cancel all pending Milestone Payments from your client upon the closure of their account. Please complete your project(s) with them before March 28 so you can receive payment.


For freelancers in the sanctioned regions, since we cannot provide our services to you after March 28, please complete your projects now and request for the Milestone Payments to be released to you. After the said date, we will have to cancel the Milestone Payments you are about to receive and reassign the project to a different freelancer.


For clients working with a freelancer in a sanctioned region, we will cancel all pending payments for your freelancer so you can use it to fund a new project with another freelancer after March 28. 


For clients in the sanctioned regions, since we cannot provide our services to you after the 28th, we will have to cancel your pending Milestone Payments.


What happens with the project fees associated with projects with a sanctioned client/freelancer?

Please contact our Support team so we can review your project for a fee refund. 


Posted: March 7, 2022

Last update: December 19, 2023

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