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Translating the site

Apart from making available in 34 languages, we see that proper language localization is as equally important to give our users around the globe the best experience in using our site. We recognize the value of user input in improving the overall experience in using the platform, so we invite you to help break language barriers and to join our Translation Family.


Here’s how you can start translating:


   1. Go to our Translations Signup page. Select the language you can translate to, and click Become a Translator.



   2. Once you’re successfully enrolled, click Start Translating Freelancer from the Welcome page.



   3. Complete the introduction tutorial that will pop up from the globe widget (Translations icon).



   4. After completing the tutorial, select your language, and click Enable Translation Mode once you are ready to translate.



   5. The translation tutorial will then appear. After completing it, click Start Translating Freelancer.




You can view the translation tutorial again any time by clicking Start Tutorial from the cogwheel icon on the globe widget.




Inline Translation


When you enable translation mode, you will be able to access Inline Translation. In this mode, all text that can be translated on a page will be highlighted.


   1. To translate a certain text, click Translate (section 1) on its upper left corner.

   2. On the edit translation popup, the English text (section 2) you will be translating from will appear on top, and the existing site translation (section 3) will be shown below it.

   3. If you want to improve the current translation, click +add new translation (section 4).

   4. Click Submit once done.