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Translations Guidelines

Users get to choose the language they want to view in. Language localization has its nuances. With 34 supported languages, this may prove to be a Herculean task. As a platform where great minds meet to accomplish great things, our Translations Family has now made the translation of the site available to everyone. This will allow us to collaborate with you in providing accurate translations of the site.


To join our Translations Family, just sign up here and check out how to translate here.

Once enrolled, the globe widget or the Translations icon becomes available at the upper left side of the site. You can click it any time to view the Translations window and to access Inline Translation:


   1. “Translate” option


   2. English text that can be translated


   3. Existing translated text


   4. “Add new translation” option


If the text you want to translate has an existing translation (3), you can help with getting that translation approved by voting for it. Just click the symbol before it to vote. The system allows users to vote for the best translations, and the one with the most number of votes will be published as soon as our system refreshes.


To report a translation error for the original English text or for the existing translated text, just click the flag icon beside either of them.



Disabling the translation mode will keep the website in the language that you were translating to. To switch back to English, scroll all the way down to the footer section. Click the “US (International)” button, and select English from the language drop-down.


From the Translations window, you can also view the number of your suggestions, your suggestion upvotes, and your approved suggestions.



You can translate to more than one language. If you want to add other languages you are fluent in, just get in touch with us at You can also contact us if you have further translation concerns, or if you wish to remove your translation access.

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