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Managing Payments Shared with Me

Users with verified credit cards or with Enterprise billing agreements can share their payment method with their team members or people in their organization through Payment Sharing or Team Payment.

The team owner, the person who authorized Payment Sharing, starts a Team Payment by sending an invite to their nominated members. If you are invited, you will receive this in your email. 

Click Join [Team Payment name] to be part of the Team Payment. If you already have an account with Freelancer, you will be prompted to login. Otherwise, you will be directed to the Signup page.

Once logged in, the details of the shared payment will be displayed. Make sure to review it. 

Time period - the time set by the team owner until when you can use the funds allotted to you. It can be:
     (1) Monthly - the spend limit will refresh every 1st of the month at 12:00 AM EST. Any remaining amount from the previous month is not carried over to the next month. The limit will reset to the amount set by the team owner.
     (2) No Limit - you can use the spend limit until it is maxed out. It will not replenish unless you are allotted a new spending limit.

Currency - the currency of the Team Payment.

Max spend limit - the amount allotted to you by the team owner.

Spent - the amount you spent within your time period.

Balance left this period - your remaining spend limit.

Using Team Payment

Similar to using your own payment method, Team Payment also works the same way.


When paying for fees, funding Milestone Payments and contest prizes, you will be directed to the payment cart. Select the card shared with you to make a payment. The deposit will be in the team owner's billing agreement currency.


If you already reach the maximum spend limit allotted by the team owner, the error below will appear. You can contact the owner to request for a higher spend limit.


After successfully depositing, only the deposit amount will appear in your Transaction History. The deposit fee (processing fee) will reflect in the owner’s Transaction History as the deposit originated from the card linked in their account.

To identify a deposit that came from a Team Payment, check the transaction line which says “Deposit from [your username] using team billing”.

Track my Spending

You can see the details of the Team Payment and track how much you’ve used from the allotted limit by going to the Payment & Financials page and clicking View Details beside the Team Payment you want to check.  

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