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Transaction History

Knowing how to read your transaction history is key to understanding your account transactions. You can always visit it to verify the payments you made or received, as well as to check for fees charged to you.


Just click your profile picture thumbnail from the main menu bar, and select Transaction history.


Your transactions are listed from the newest to oldest. Relevant information such as date, transaction description, currency, and amount are shown.


You can view the following transactions in separate tabs: Invoices, Milestones and Pending Funds


You can also perform the following actions from your Transaction History:


     1.  Export transactions

Select a date range and the format you want to export your transactions to (PDF or CSV), and click Export.


     2.  View transactions by currency

If you have paid or received funds in more than one currency, you can view your transactions per currency. Just select the currency you wish to view from the Currency dropdown.


     3.  View and download invoices

You can view and download the invoices of your added funds and site fees by clicking the  TH_pdfIcon.png  icon across the transaction. Clicking  Th_questionMark.png  will show you more details about each transaction.




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