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Overall profile reviews vs. project-specific reviews

We encourage leaving reviews to freelancers/clients you worked with, so we and other users on the platform can know about your experience working with them.


Review-related information displayed on user profiles and project pages differ. It is important to understand how they behave in order to better interpret the relevance of the details you see.



Reviews on a user’s profile page


Reviews on a freelancer’s profile page includes data from their received reviews from all of their projects. A summary can be found on the upper half part of their profile card.



A client's reviews will not be visible to you unless you have previously worked on one of their projects.


To view more details about a user’s reviews, scroll down to the Recent Reviews section, and click View More Reviews. You will then be able to filter their reviews by skill, and you will see the breakdown of their star ratings.


Reviews details




Reviews on a project page


Freelancers’ reviews are included on their bid cards when they bid on projects.



However, the information is tailored to what is only relevant to the project concerned. It will only show the star ratings, earnings, number of reviews, and Completion Rate for the skills required in that particular project.


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