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Reporting bids

As you place bids on projects you like, you may encounter spammy, low quality bids or those that violate our Code of Conduct and Terms of Conditions. We encourage you to report them to us so we can help improve your experience throughout the hiring process.


Only freelancers can report a bid at this time. Follow the steps below to report a bid. (Clients may use the Report User option in the profile page of a user as an alternative.)


     1.  Go to the Proposals tab in the project page to see all bids.  


     2.  Click the Report Bid link located in the lower-right corner of the freelancer’s bid card. 


     3.  Choose the reason for the report, and click Continue



 4.  Provide more details about your report, then click Continue.


 5.  You’ll receive a confirmation that your report has been received. Click Done to go back to the Proposals page.


The Report Bid option is replaced with Reported after you reported a bid. This status is only visible to you. 


All reports are investigated, and proper sanction is issued on the accounts of those who are proven to have violated our site rules. 

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