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Tips to Boost your Freelancer Rating and Bid Ranking

One way to get clients to notice you and consider awarding their projects to you is by having a good freelancer rating, also called reputation score. Why is that? Your ratings don’t just prove that your work is great, but it will also drive your bid ranking up the list. 

To help improve both your rating and bid ranking, here are some tips.

Have a complete and updated profile. 

Making sure that your profile is updated won’t just leave a good impression on your clients, but will also help increase the quality of your profile.


Write an on point bid proposal, and if awarded, review the offer and accept the project.

Clients have the option to rate a bid so read the project before bidding and show the client that you understand what they require. If you are awarded and your negotiation with the client goes well, accept the offer. Remember, when you place your bid and accept a project, it means you commit to deliver.


Be trustworthy by being timely and by keeping your promises.

Making sure that you will complete the project on or before the agreed deadline will definitely pay off, especially by the time the client leaves you a feedback. Be honest when you have challenges so you and your client can work things out. This will help push your credibility up as a freelancer. 


Be accessible.

Immediately responding to messages ensures good communication and will make the client feel that you are present and focused on the project. Just a reminder, do not send repetitive messages to clients as this may be identified as message spamming.


Get paid.

The value of the project and payments made through Milestone Payments are just some of the factors affecting your bid ranking. Communicate with the client and propose Milestone Payments. Only accept projects once there is a Milestone Payment created for you. You can also go with hourly projects to be consistently paid every week.


For starters, take projects that you can do even if the budget is low. This is how you gain experience and build your reputation. Then slowly aim for projects with higher value.


Get positive reviews and recommendations.

After making sure that you have completed the project and provided the deliverables, it won’t hurt to ask your client to leave you a 5-star rating. Don’t forget to ask them to recommend you to their friends. This way, you won’t run out of projects.


In summary, consistently give a high quality service in every project that you take on to maintain a good track record. It’s all about providing and receiving value in the platform. Give your profile the best makeover, wow your clients with the service that only you can provide, and you’ll reap freelancing success. 

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