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Accepting awarded projects

After receiving bids, a client at any time may award their project to the bidder who they find best fit for the work they need done.


If a client awards a project to you, you will be notified of the award via your news feed and email. Whether it is a project you have placed a bid on or a Hire-Me one, you have 36 hours to either accept or reject the award. Take this time to finalize the terms of the project with the client.


You can accept an awarded project via the following:


The email notification


The news feed notification


The chat box with the client


The project page


Failure to respond to the award within the 36-hour window will automatically revoke it.


Rejecting awarded projects affects your reputation as a freelancer on the site. It gives the clients the impression that you are bidding on projects you are not capable of completing. We recommend that you only bid on projects that you can commit to complete as outlined in our Code of Conduct.


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