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Archive, Mute, and Block options in messaging

You can archive, mute, and block conversations on projects from your Contact List. These options will help you focus on particular projects at a time.




Archiving conversations will hide them from your active chats. All members of the conversation can still send messages, and you will receive notifications.




You can still exchange messages in muted chats, but you will not receive notifications for future messages.




No party will be able to send messages in a blocked chat. You will see this message on the chat box when a conversation is blocked:




The block option is not available in group chats.


To archive, mute, or block a conversation, go to the chat settings by clicking the icon  gearCog_Chatheader.png  from the chat box header. Then, tick Archive, Mute, or Block.




Untick the box to unmute or unblock a conversation. You can access the archived chats on the Archived section of the Contact List. On the chat settings, untick Archive to list them again on your active chats.


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