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Bidding restriction due to low quality bids

You will be restricted from bidding when you place low quality bids on projects. The following are common mistakes that make a bid low quality:


Using generic bid templates. To avoid this, describe how your skills and achievements are relevant to what the client needs. Avoid being overly formal in writing proposals.


Using duplicate bids on multiple projects, even on projects with different skill requirements. We recommend writing a new bid each time.


Proposals that are too focused on yourself rather than the project. Make sure to read the project description and address how you can help. Ask clients some questions about the project.


Proposals that are poorly written, incomplete, and talking about irrelevant skills and experiences. Show similar projects you’ve worked on.


The duration of the bidding restriction due to low quality bids varies from a few minutes to months, depending on how often a user is found to place subpar bids. Users whose accounts have been restricted are notified accordingly through the dashboard page. The restriction will automatically expire on the time and date specified in the dashboard notification. It cannot be appealed or lifted prior to the indicated date.


We recommend reading the tips on how to write a winning bid to give your bid the best chance of success.

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