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Finding local projects

Whether you are a carpenter or an event planner, Local Jobs allow you to find available work within 150 km from your location.


To start looking for Local Jobs, do the following:


1. Update your profile location, and set up your Security Phone Number from the Profile Details page.


2. Add local skills to your profile.


        • Click Edit Profile on your profile page, scroll down to My Top Skills section and click Edit Skills.


        • Select Local Jobs & Services from the skills categories.



        • Choose the local skill(s) you have expertise in, and click Save.



3. Click Browse from the main menu, and select Local Projects under Discover our Products.


4. From the Local Jobs menu, click Browse Local Jobs.


You can bid on all the Local Jobs that match your skills and are within 150 km from your location.


The same rate of project fees apply to Local Jobs. All communication and payment for the local projects should be done within the site for your security.

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