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Giving My Freelancer a Tip

After marking a project as complete and providing your freelancer a review, you will see the option to give them a bonus as long as the rating you provided them is equal to or greater than 3 stars. Here’s how:

     1. Complete the Feedback form in the Reviews tab of your project and click Submit Feedback.

     2. You will be routed to the page where you can rate if you are to recommend the freelancer to others. You can either skip or submit feedback.

     3. Here is where you can leave a bonus or tip to the freelancer. Just indicate the amount you would like to give them and click Leave bonus. If you skip this part, you will lose your option to give a tip.

Note that bonuses also incur fees same as project fees, wherein freelancers will incur a fee of $5 USD or 10%, whichever is greater, of the total bonus they received.

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