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Deleting a project

Open projects (Open for Bidding and Awaiting Acceptance) and Past Projects (Complete, Incomplete and Cancelled) can be deleted in two ways. If work has been completed, but still showing in your Work In Progress projects, you must End Project first before deleting. In Progress projects cannot be deleted.


Here are two ways to delete a project.


From the My Projects page


   1.  Go to My Projects.


   2.  Toggle the Client view by clicking As client on the top right part of the page.


   3.  Find the project that you want to delete from your Open and Past Projects.


   4.  Select Delete from the dropdown menu located across your project.


   5.  Click Yes on the popup window to proceed.



On the project page


1.  Go to your project’s page.


2.  Click the  tab, and select Delete from the dropdown menu.


3.  Click Delete to confirm the deletion.



Deleting a project is irreversible. Once a project is deleted, the following will occur:

  • The project will be removed from the website listings and no one will be able to view it.
  • Messages and files will no longer be accessible.

  • The option to contact the hired freelancer will no longer be available.

  • The project will be removed from search engine results the next time is indexed.


If you wish to keep your conversations and files, you may upgrade the project to Private instead. You may also opt to cancel the project.

For deleted projects that are still visible on Google, you can directly request the removal of content from them.

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