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Finding work

Looking for work on the website can be done in a number of ways.

Before you start looking for work, make sure that your profile is complete and updated. On, your profile will serve as your resume. In order to bid on projects,  you will be required to verify your email and update your basic profile information. In addition to that, you need to add your relevant skills, specify your hourly rate and upload a professional looking picture

Once you are all set, you can start finding work through various ways. 

From the Search pages

Hover on the Browse menu and choose between Projects and Contests.



On the Search Projects page, you can filter the projects by the following:

On the Search Contests page, you can filter the contests by the following:


From Live Notifications

Live notifications about available projects and contests related to the skills added to your profile are available in the Notifications in your sidebar, in the Updates menu (represented by a bell icon), and from toast or popup notifications. 



From Newsletter Emails

If you opt in to our newsletter, we will notify you via email when there are new projects or contests matching your skills.


By being a Service Provider

Freelancer Services allow you to become a service provider to predefined services in the site. If you meet the requirements of a service of your choice, you will be added to its pool of providers. You will be assigned a project when a client requests for that particular service.



Newbie tips:

To take your freelancing career on a higher level, we also recommend reading these articles. 

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