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Renaming a Project’s Title

Choosing a suitable name for a project is not just for clients.  Whether you are a freelancer or a client aiming for a more organized project list, this option is for you. Especially if you have more than one project you’re currently working on, this will make it easier to determine which project you are looking for based on a more goal-specific title.

For Freelancers

You can send a title change request to your client only once for a project that’s already accepted. We suggest discussing the change with the client on chat first before doing this.

  1. From the Details tab of the project, click the pencil icon beside Project Details.
  2. Propose a new title. 
  3. Click Send Request. A banner will be displayed confirming that your request was successfully sent.

Title Change Request

If accepted, the title will update real time. If declined, you will receive a notification in your News Feed.

For Clients

A title change request from your freelancer will appear in your News Feed and in the Details tab of their project page. From there, you can either accept or reject. 

We suggest that you speak with your freelancer before taking an action especially if you were not given a heads up about their request. Note that your decision to accept or reject is permanent since freelancers can only send a request like this once.

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