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Tasklists sharing

Maximize the power of Tasklists with its share feature. Collaborate with other users for more aligned priorities and for better freelancer-client engagement. You can share Tasklists that you own in projects, in groups, and to any user. There is no limit in the number of Tasklists you can share. Just click the Share button whenever you are ready. 

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Sharing your Tasklist means allowing others to take action on existing tasks like reassigning it to themselves, edit task details or change the tasks’ status. They will also be allowed to add/assign tasks for themselves.

Share in Projects

You can share a tasklist to in progress and completed projects you are involved in. This will be helpful especially if the other projects you are working on or posted almost have the same requirements.

To share, choose from the projects in the dropdown or type in your project’s title or project ID, then click Save Projects

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There won’t be a notification when you share a tasklist to one of your projects. You will just find the shared tasklist added in your project’s Tasklists page. 


Sharing with Groups 

You will be able to share tasklists in Private Groups you are a member of. If you have common goals that you want to achieve together with your group members, this is perfect for you.

Private groups you are in will be shown in a dropdown list. You can choose from the list or enter the name of the group you want your tasklist to be shared with, then click Save Groups.

Share w Groups

There is no notification sent to the members of the group when you share a tasklist; a Tasklists tab will appear in Groups with shared tasklists. 


Share with other users

You can share a tasklist to anyone even if you never had a project with them yet since the only requirement to share is a username or email address. This is a good way to present a more concrete plan to someone you want to be onboarded with your idea. Or, if you need help from someone outside of your project, you can directly share your tasklist.

You can also make use of the shareable link to share directly to other users.

Share w others

Users invited to a tasklist via email or username will receive an email invite like the one below. Upon clicking the Join [tasklist name] button, they will be prompted to the Login page to access your tasklist.

Projects 2

Unsharing your Tasklists

Should you want to unshare your tasklist from a project, group or user,  go back to the Share popup modal. Click the X button across the project, group or user that you want to remove, and save the changes.


Tasklists shared in projects and in groups can also be unshared directly from your tasklist page. Click the ellipsis beside the tasklist title and select Remove from project or Remove from group.

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