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Template Quotes

This feature is currently unavailable.

Easily share a Quote to multiple clients by using templated Quotes. From its name, template Quotes are pre-filled quotes or drafts which you can create and save for future use. These saved templates will come in handy when you are ready to send them to your clients.

Should multiple clients accept your templated Quote, individual Hire Me projects will be created for you from each client. 

Creating Templates

1. Click Create Quote from the main navigation bar.
2. In the Quote modal, click Create a template.
Step 2
3. Fill in the details (estimated project duration, proposal and item(s)’ description and budget) required in the Create Quote Template form.

Unlike the usual Quote form, there is no expiry date and specific start and end date fields here; the start date will be the date on which the client accepts the Quote Template and the end date will be automatically generated from the estimated duration added to the start date.
Step 3
4. Click Preview to see how your template will look like.
5. If you are happy with the template, click Save and share. Otherwise, click Edit to go back to the previous page.
Step 5

After clicking Save and share, you will see a confirmation modal that your template has been saved. You can also start sharing it with clients by copying the shareable link.

If a client accepts your Quote from a Template, you will need to accept the award before a Fixed-price Hire Me project is created. Your top 5 skills are automatically picked by the system upon the project creation.

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