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Video Bidding Guidelines

Video bidding offers Verified by Freelancer users a more effective way to present proposals to clients. Since this feature provides you a way to present yourself with clients, you have to make sure that your recording will be presentable and professional-looking.

These tips will help you create a top-notch video bid.

  • Keep it concise and specific. Remember, you only have 30 seconds to pitch your proposal. Maximize that time when you send an elevator pitch where you should be able to answer the following -- who you are or your team, what you do, and how you can help the clients with their specific needs. 

  • Be presentable. Before a client listens to what you have to say, the first thing they’ll notice is how you look. Present yourself in a professional manner with a friendly facial expression and in decent clothing. Frame yourself in the center and look directly in front of the camera with confidence. Also, make sure you are not covering your face with sunglasses, face mask, hat, etc.

  • Make it high-quality. In terms of audio quality, it’s important that your audio is free of background noise and static sound. Be natural when you are talking. Don’t stutter. When it comes to video quality, the ideal resolution is at least 720p. Good lighting, neutral background, and a steady camera makes a good video.

What you should avoid doing

     1. Using the same script in projects with different requirements making your pitch irrelevant.
     2. Using inappropriate language or showing obscene actions.
     3. Sharing your contact details and any information that would aid in off site communication and payment.
     4. Mentioning confidential information related to the project (especially for projects that are sealed with non-disclosure agreement).

Make sure to keep these tips in mind to prevent issues with your bid. These will not just make your bid stand out even more, but also make it in line with’s Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct.

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