C Libraryto make USART programming easier on STM32F4 chips

de către OussemaH
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A simple C library that allows easier usart usage in STM32F4 projects to help prototype products faster based on STM32F4 MCUs. This will allow initializing USART ports with a simple ONE LINE instruction such as: USARTInit( USART1, 115200); A demo main.c is included to help see how easier things become using this lib.

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I am a senior embedded systems engineer originally working in Set-Box firmware development team at STMicroeletronics. I am proficient in C/C++ both in embedded systems context and in desktop programming context. I have a good experience working with different micro-controllers (x86,STM32,MSP430,ARM CortexM, PIC, AVR) and different development platforms (Arduino, Launchpad, RabserryPi, BeagleBone, STM32 dev boards..) I prefer programming under Linux, but i can also program in windows environment.

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